Aboriginal Employment Working Group (AEWG)

The University of South Australia (UniSA) has had a long and continuing engagement with the education and employment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander* peoples.

Guidance on the development of strategies to improve employment and development opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within the University is provided by an Aboriginal Employment Group.

Terms of reference

  • To advise UniSA on strategies and approaches to increasing the participation of Aboriginal people within the University’s workforce.
  • To formally report to the Yaitya Warra-Itya Advisory Group on the effectiveness of implementation and continuing development of UniSA’s Aboriginal Employment Action Plan - Yaitya Warpulai Tappa. 
  • To provide specific advice and feedback to the People, Talent and Culture Unit on the effectiveness and further development of strategies to improve the recruitment, development and career progression of Aboriginal people into and within the University’s workforce. 
  • To meet at least twice a year to undertake work consistent with the Group’s Terms of Reference.


Membership is currently being revised, and includes the following roles:

  • Dean: Aboriginal Engagement and Strategic Projects (new Chair to be announced soon)
  • Deputy Director: People, Talent and Culture
  • Associate Director: People Development and Performance
  • Consultant: Aboriginal Employment and Development
  • A nominee of Wirringka Student Services
  • A member drawn from the external Aboriginal community
  • A nominee (to be announced soon)
  • A nominee of the Directors group
  • A nominee of the Aboriginal Graduate group
  • Industrial Officer: Community and Public Sector Union
  • Industrial Officer: National Tertiary Education Union
  • A member drawn from among the University’s Aboriginal employees
  • Executive officer provided by the People, Talent and Culture Unit

More information on the current work of the committee can be obtained from the University’s Consultant: Aboriginal Employment and Development:

Deanne Hanchant-Nichols
Location: City West (AU3-39) 
Phone: (08) 830 22202
Fax: (08) 830 21666
Email: Deanne.Hanchant-Nichols@unisa.edu.au 

* The use of the word Aboriginal is inclusive of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples