Putting People First in everything we do.


At UniSA we believe that people are our best asset and the heart and soul of our University of Enterprise.

Here in the People Team we've coined the phrase ‘People First’ to reflect our commitment to deliver people focussed solutions and outcomes and to provide an enterprising culture in which all our people thrive.

We're committed to fostering an enterprising culture through empowered responsibility founded on trust. We want all our people to feel culturally and physically safe, to be trusted, empowered and accountable, to make decisions and develop practices that generate new opportunities and enterprise thinking,
and to be ambassadors of our core values.

The People Team’s core principles have been designed to support the aspirations of all our people... and we’re happy for you to hold us to them:

  • We make the right connections so we can meet the emerging and future needs of the University,
  • In the spirit of co-creation and collaboration, we are committed to finding people-oriented solutions to make it happen,
  • Whatever we do, we do it in a way that puts People First and engenders respect and trust.

We do this by partnering the business in the following areas:

  • Business Partnering
  • Safety and Wellbeing
  • Employee Benefits
  • Workforce Strategy and Change
  • HR Systems and Information Management
  • Talent Attraction
  • Industrial and Employee Relations Advice
  • Staff development programs for professional and academic staff, including the Women’s Development program
  • Management of executive coaching, leadership development and team building
  • Aboriginal recruitment and development
  • Support for major organisational development initiatives such as SAGE, Equity Reporting, Corporate Induction and the Organisational Culture Survey
  • Remuneration reviews and position evaluations

Our Unit is made up of people who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to support the business and we are available on each metropolitan campus and in 101 Currie St. We're open to feedback, keen to learn and committed to doing all we can to make your experience as valuable as possible, so do let us know if there’s anything we can do to support you.


Best regards,

Miranda McDonald
Acting Executive Director: People, Talent and Culture