Units and Portfolios

For general enquiries, please contact us at HR@unisa.edu.au or 8302 2220.

Liz Hutchinson

Manager: Business Partnerships (Academic; Research & Innovation; Chancellery)
(All days except Thu of non-pay week)

Trish Wallace

Manager: Business Partnerships (Resources; UniSA International)
(Mon, Tue, Wed and Thu)

Shae Armstrong

Business Partner

Amruta Das

Business Partner

Currently vacant

Business Partner

Julie Symons

Human Resources Officer
(Mon, Wed, Thu and Fri)

Anne Petrie

Human Resources Officer
(Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri)

Rhys Driver

Human Resources Officer

Courtnay Fielder

Business Partner - Currently on leave

Jane Burow

Human Resources Officer - Currently on leave
(Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri)