Recruitment Central

If you wish to speak with a Recruitment Central representative, call Recruitment Central on (08) 8302 1700 or email us at and someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are looking to contact someone specific, listed below are some of our staff at Recruitment Central:

Miranda McDonald

Manager: Recruitment Central and Business Support

Bernie Dyer

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Deanne Hanchant-Nichols

Consultant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment and Development

Sarah Doyle

Recruitment Consultant
(Wk 1: M, Tu, Th, F & Wk 2: M, Th, F)

Georgie Hart

Recruitment Consultant (Mon, Wed, Thurs and Fri)

Sara Heidrich

Recruitment Consultant
(Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri)

Jessica Frisari

Recruitment Consultant
(Tue, Wed and Thu)

Eleanor Onorato

Recruitment Consultant

Alicia Whitehouse

Recruitment Administrator
(Mon to Thu)

Carolyn Evans

Recruitment Administrator
(Tue to Fri)

Linda Burlison

Immigration Consultant

Lucy King

Relocation Consultant

Chloe Juniper (McGrath)

Senior Recruitment Consultant - currently on leave

Belinda Burns

Recruitment Administrator - currently on leave

Jade Windsor

Recruitment Consultant - currently on leave