Your Employment and Leave

UniSA is committed to minimising the impact of the current pandemic on its staff wherever it is feasible for us to do so. We appreciate the uncertainty staff may be experiencing and are keen to provide clarity about our employment considerations and the support available for you from the University.   

Employment Principles 

The COVID-19 Key Employment Principles (PDF 865kb) have been developed to provide clarity for staff on how we will manage employment considerations, such as fixed term employment and leave in the event a staff member needs to self-isolate, is quarantined or contracts the virus.

These principles will be reviewed and evolve as we continue to navigate the current situation. 

Where appropriate, we have signalled specific review dates for principles and activities but if there is anything that is not clear here or you would appreciate additional information, please refer to the Staff FAQs or contact your your local People, Talent and Culture team

Wellness Leave

The University has introduced an exceptional additional special leave with pay benefit to recognise the sustained achievements of our staff and the flexibility and commitment they’ve shown in responding to the pandemic over the last two years. This exceptional additional special leave with pay benefit is only available to continuing and fixed term staff members who were employed with the University on 15 November 2021.

Two additional days of paid ‘wellness’ leave are available to all continuing and fixed term staff to take between Monday 15 November 2021 and Friday 1 April 2022. They are not available to take after this period and cannot be carried forward, this is to ensure staff can access additional respite now at a time when it’s needed. The two days are available pro rata, based on your employment fraction.

The additional paid leave days can be combined with other leave types and requested through the myHR system for your line manager/supervisor’s approval.

Your local People, Talent and Culture team will be happy to assist if you have any questions regarding the additional wellness leave.