Working from Home

The University will continue to offer staff the opportunity to participate in flexible work arrangements.

While working from home staff are reminded that they must still:

  • Remain contactable by, and follow the direction of, their line manager or supervisor
  • Continue to follow all relevant University policies and procedures
  • Observe confidentiality of, and ensure the integrity and security of, information in both hard and soft copy. Security of information, data integrity and privacy in the home-based/remote worksite will need to mirror the University’s office-based policies
  • Abide by the University’s ISTS policies and procedures
  • Take care to ensure their health and safety in their home during periods in which they are working. All WHS procedures which apply at the staff member’s usual place of work, shall, as far as practicable, apply in carrying out work at home.

Please note that all working from home arrangements require the formal approval of your line manager/supervisor. Due to the nature of their role and responsibilities, or their specific personal circumstances, it is not feasible or appropriate for some staff to work from home (or an alternative location) as part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lodging your 'work from home' arrangement

If you have been impacted by COVID and need to work from home you must complete the COVID-19 Pandemic - Working from Home Arrangement form (WHS52a).

This is to ensure that the arrangement agreed with your line manager has considered the implications for your position, and that of others, if you are working from home and so that we can be reassured that you can do safely and productively. Once established, the working from home arrangement should be regularly reviewed to ensure staff are receiving the appropriate support and regular contact with their line manager and colleagues.

Before you leave the office

Before you leave the office please ensure that you have all the equipment required to enable you to work at home. If you need to take university equipment out of the office, please ensure all items are recorded on your COVID-19 Pandemic - Working from Home Arrangement form (WHS52a) and that correct manual handling protocols are used.

Checking your contact details

Staying safe and connected is also critical. So that we can stay in touch with staff and communicate with them when we need to, we are asking all staff to check and update their contact information through the My Details page from the staff portal as soon as practically possible.

At home

Please visit the askIT - Work from home page for useful information on how to set up your work station at home and to make sure your work space is compliant with University Guidelines.

Then once you're set up, use the WHS29 - Home Workstation Self-Assessment (Appian form), designed to help staff work from home safely.

Working at home can present challenges with support can be very effective. The following resources have been provided for staff to help with: 

These toolkits contain resources, videos, podcasts, checklists and articles staff will find useful in adapting to an alternative way of working including practical tips on how to divert your desk phone, how to hold virtual meetings and how to set up WorkPace on your home computer. 

Staying connected and engaged 

It is important that you stay in touch with your line manager on a regular basis, both one to one and as a team, You should also regularly review the Staff FAQs for the latest information on the University’s response to this evolving situation.

It’s important for your wellbeing to remain productive and engaged in your work and connected to your team. Continue to invest in your development by exploring what’s available online via our Enterprising Essentials program and other development programs here and regularly review the Safety and Wellbeing information as we will be adding information and resources regularly.

Further assistance

If you have any questions about flexible working arrangements, please contact your local business partner.