Bargaining Updates

Dear colleagues

I am writing to let you know that the University is liaising with the NTEU and the CPSU to commence negotiation of our next Enterprise Agreement.  The current Agreement nominally expires in June and we will look to start negotiations on a new agreement this month.

You will see further communication about the bargaining process in the staff announcements and there will be a webpage which will provide information and updates as discussions progress.  You can also contact People, Talent and Culture - - with questions and feedback. 

For this round of negotiations, the University’s bargaining team will include Professor Joanne Cys, Executive Dean: UniSA Creative, Jane Booth, Executive Director: People Talent and Culture, Mark Gladigau, Associate Director Workplace Strategy, and Anne-Marie Edmonds, Manager: Employee Relations.

The discussions will take place at a challenging time given that the significant impacts of COVID are still being felt across our community, and especially in higher education, and this will continue for some time.  As you know the University has committed to maintaining employment levels as best we can, and we’ve honoured previously agreed salary increases and working conditions.  Through our collective efforts, I think we can feel some pride in how well our staff have so far weathered the unique circumstances we have faced and continue to face.  We are in a strong position to deal collectively – and prudently - with the continuing pressures on our finances and operations.  As a result, the bargaining process and its timing presents us with an important opportunity to strengthen our distinctive culture and workplace, to build on the University’s 30 years of success, and to further our mission as Australia’s University of Enterprise.

I look forward to the consultative and collaborative discussions that will take place over the next few months.



Professor David G. Lloyd
Vice-Chancellor and President
University of South Australia
GPO Box 2471, Adelaide SA 5001

Notice of Employee Representational Rights

The University is commencing negotiations for our next Enterprise Agreement with the NTEU and CPSU on 25 March 2021, as the nominal expiry date of the current University of South Australia Enterprise Agreement 2019 is 30 June 2021.

As negotiations are about to commence, all academic, professional, security and grounds staff covered by the current Enterprise Agreement are advised of their right to appoint a bargaining representative, as set out in the Notice of Employee Representational Rights.

Staff are encouraged to keep informed about the process and have input into the bargaining progress via the Enterprise Bargaining website, or by emailing People, Talent and Culture with questions and feedback.

We look forward to a constructive bargaining process and will keep staff informed as the negotiations progress.

Ms Jane Booth
Executive Director: People, Talent and Culture
People, Talent and Culture (HRM)
Chancellery (CHY)