Enterprise Bargaining Process

Any questions or comments you have regarding the updates and/or the negotiations can be emailed to EmployeeRelations@unisa.edu.au.



  • Unions and other bargaining agents notify their "log of claims"
  • Formal negotiations commence
  • Parties must adhere to principles of "good faith bargaining"
    • Disclose relevant information
    • Give genuine consideration to proposals
    • Respond to proposals in a timely manner.

Agreement reached

  • In principle agreement reached between representatives
  • Proposed Enterprise Agreement is drafted
  • Employees are able to access a copy of the proposed Agreement and explanatory materials.

Employee ballot

  • Employees are given the opportunity to vote on the proposed Agreement
  • An electronic vote is conducted for eligible employees
  • For a successful outcome, the majority of employees who vote must vote yes.

Approval and operation

  • UniSA makes an application to Fair Work Commission (FWC)
  • FWC considers and determines whether to approve the Agreement including whether it meets the 'Better Off Overall Test' for employees
  • The Agreement commences 7 days after approval by FWC or at a later date if it is specified in the Agreement.