Contributing to your Super through Payroll

Standard member contributions

Employees with membership to the Defined Benefit Division and Accumulation 2 make a 7% member contribution to super by default. This contribution is known as the standard contribution, because it’s the ‘standard’, or default, arrangement for how those accounts are established.

This standard contribution can be varied in the following ways:

Note: If you reduce the standard contribution, it cannot be increased at a later date. Please ensure you understand the impact before making changes.

Voluntary member contributions

All employees can make voluntary member contributions to their super using UniSA’s regular contribution to super form. Using this form you can choose from the following options:

  • Before-tax or after-tax deduction
  • Percentage or fixed dollar amounts *1 or
  • To your UniSuper account or another compliant super fund *1

Please note that if you set up a voluntary contribution and there are insufficient funds in your pay, the contribution will be ceased automatically.

If you have any questions about how to complete this form, please contact the Super Consultant.

*1 Casual employees can only make voluntary contributions as a percentage of salary and to their UniSuper account.