New job or extension of contract?

When you start a new contract, whether it's because of a change of position or simply an extension of your current contract, make sure that you take the time to read it. The contract will outline your super conditions, and they might change from contract to contract.

For employees who are commencing a new contract, or an extension of a contract, a change in this condition could impact your take home pay, so it is important that you understand any changes.

If you’re unsure what your current conditions are, or whether your conditions are going to change, speak to your hiring officer about what your new super conditions are. Your Super Consultant can let you know what your current super conditions are and explain what your new conditions might mean for you.

Super clauses in your employment contract and what they mean

As part of your employment you are entitled to membership of the Defined Benefit Division/Accumulation 2. You are also entitled to membership of the Accumulation 1 Division.

Your employment provides you with a super account in the Defined Benefit Division. This will be set up automatically for you when you are paid, or when you return your membership application form.

Key features include:

  • 17% employer contribution paid by UniSA
  • 7% member standard contribution deducted from your pay by default
  • Benefit growth primarily through a benefit-formula
  • Inbuilt benefits for incapacity and death

Members who have previously elected to change to Accumulation 2 will continue in that division and will not revert to Defined Benefit Division.

Find out more about the Defined Benefit Division. Download the Defined Benefit Division PDS.

Note: If you have default member contribution in the past, please contact your Super Consultant to ensure your contributions are adjusted from the first pay.

You are entitled to membership of the Accumulation 1 Division.

UniSA will set up an Accumulation 1 membership for you. This will occur when you are first paid, or when you submit your membership application form.

Employer contributions of 9.5% will be paid into this account in accordance with obligations under Super Guarantee and our Enterprise Agreement.

Find out more about the Accumulation 1 Division. Download the Accumulation 1 PDS.