Super and Ill Health

In the unfortunate event that you become seriously ill you are likely to benefit from an alternative income source while you recover. Unless you have substantial savings or accrued leave, you might need an income protection insurance policy.

Insurance benefits in your super

The Defined Benefit Division provides inbuilt benefits for Temporary Incapacity, Disability and Death. It can also provide voluntary insurance cover for Death and Total and Permanent Disability.

Members who transfer from Defined Benefit Division to Accumulation 2 will have their inbuilt benefits converted to voluntary insurance cover. Find out more about what happens to your benefit if you choose Accumulation 2.

Under Accumulation 1, most members receive an automatic level of Death and Total and Permanent Disability insurance, but they don’t have Income Protection or Temporary Incapacity cover by default.

What have you got?

If you don’t know what insurance you have, you can log into MemberOnline or call UniSuper on 1800 331 685.

Need to make a claim?

In the event that you need to make a claim on your insurance under a UniSuper account, it is recommended that you contact UniSuper to commence the claim process as early as possible. UniSuper has a make a claim page to explain how to do this and the process of claiming