For more information, please contact the Academic Promotion Team.

The TIU team are working with our academic staff to identify ways to review online and remotely delivered content. Pre-COVID-19, many of the SPRT reports involved reviewing old learnonline content/material so our reviewers are trained and experienced in this aspect. Academic promotion panel members are also very aware that COVID-19 has required our academics to move swiftly to transition content online to continue delivering to our students and this will be considered when reviewing your SPRT.

For work, key notes or conference presentations etc that were already accepted pre-COVID-19, you can include these outputs in your CV including the text “(postponed due to COVID-19)”. Work in progress that is not yet approved or confirmed should not be included. If in doubt speak with your academic supervisor.

Academic promotion panel members understand the challenges that COVID-19 has posed for face-to-face delivery and the timing and context in which changed have been made in order to continue teaching and learning services as best we can. They appreciate the current climate may impact students and that their anxiety and concerned may be reflected in their comments and this will form part of the panels’ consideration.