Academic Staff Activity Reports

Business Intelligence and Planning (BIP) have created a useful SharePoint (internal access only) site which outlines all aspects of the ASAR, what is contained in them and why, how often information is refreshed, definitions and useful help tips.

It is strongly recommended that you log on early in the Academic Promotion process to review your individual ASAR and ensure it has all of the information you would expect to see.  Please review the definitions page as it will explain exactly what should, and should not, be appearing on the ASAR. 

Please be aware that If you leave it too close to the closing date for Academic Promotion applications BIP may not have time to verify and update the changes you have requested as needed. 

You should also be aware that there are some changes that are unable to be made (for example if we don’t collect that information at UniSA) and the BIP academic activity reports definitions and helppage will explain what is not included on your ASAR. 

If there is information that you believe is missing from your report (i.e. a publication) or shouldn’t be there (i.e. a class you didn’t actually teach) please check theBIP SharePointsite first and then email the team 

As the ASAR presents the last five years of data plus the current year please use your CV to include information not captured in the ASAR. 

You access a copy of your Academic Staff Activity Report (ASAR) by clicking on thisstaff activity reportlink. This is also available from the academic promotion webpage or directly from theBI Hubwebpage. 

It is important that you visit and read theacademic activity reports definitions and help SharePoint site so that you understand what is contained on your ASAR and why. 

It is recommended that you access the ASAR as soon as possible so that you can check that everything you are expecting to see on your report is there, for example SCOPUS can create multiple profiles, especially if you have changed your name or worked at an organisation where someone else has the same name as you. If this has occurred, not all of your research outputs will flow through to your ASAR. 

If you have any questions please check theBIP SharePointsite first and then email the team on soon as possible. 

If you have any questions about what is, or isn’t appearing on your Academic Staff Activity Report, please check theBIP SharePoint sitefirst and then email the team on soon as possible. They will be able to help you with your question or assist you to make any changes required. 

If you leave it too late they might not have time to verify and update changes you have requested.