Achievement relative to opportunity

Sometimes an academic career path may not follow the traditional trajectory.  It may be that you have had time away to raise children, are caring for a partner, or you have taken time out of the workplace to go back to industry.  If you feel that your academic trajectory has been impacted by your personal circumstances, you have the opportunity to submit a brief (maximum one page) summary of why your outputs, achievement or impact may be different to somebody who has worked full-time.  

Panels will consider how your personal circumstances, work arrangements, career history and overall time available may have affected your opportunities and achievements while ensuring that the quality and impact of your achievements are demonstrated to the required standard.  If you would prefer not to provide detail around sensitive personal issues, please advise the Executive Officer directly and we will ensure that the details remain confidential and the panel are provided only with the specific time period of impact.   

The Achievement relative to opportunity statement can be uploaded as part of the application.