Commentary on achievements

The commentary is limited to five single sided A4 pages.

The first four pages should comprise:

  • A short executive summary
  • A brief summary of new achievements since your last application for promotion or appointment at UniSA (if within 5 years)
  • Commentary on the quality and impact of your achievements in each of your areas of contribution (teaching and learning, research and engagement) and on your leadership.  You should include reference to your major achievements, research income, publications, scholarship of teaching, areas of contribution to the University, supervision of higher degree students and impact in the classroom on student attraction and retention. 

The fifth and final page should comprise:

For applications to Level D or Level E, you should provide additional evidence around your leadership at UniSA, in particular demonstrating how you mentor and lead junior colleagues and develop their capabilities and how you actively provide discipline leadership for UniSA which has a demonstrable impact.  It is important to provide specific examples demonstrating your positive impact and the constructive value you add to outcomes and the development of others, through your leadership.