Curriculum Vitae

For more information, please contact the Academic Promotion Team.

For work, key notes or conference presentations etc that were already accepted pre-COVID-19, you can include these outputs in your CV including the text “(postponed due to COVID-19)”. Work in progress that is not yet approved or confirmed should not be included. If in doubt speak with your academic supervisor.

There is no set template for the CV and you can utilise whichever layout best suits your discipline and application but there are page limits:

  • Level B or C - no more than 5 pages.
  • Level D or E - no more than 10 pages.

However, an example CV outline/template that you can use and/or adapt has been provided on the main academic promotion website under key supporting documents and templates.

Use of this CV outline/template is NOT compulsory - please feel free to utilise your own layout and/or to make any changes to the example provided.

TIP: If you already have a CV that you will use – check the template anyway to see if there is anything else (ie a subheading) that you might like to include in your own CV.