Basis for decision making

Promotion decisions will be determined based on evidence provided through: 

  • A detailed record of your academic achievements; 

  • A report by your Nominated Senior Academic. 

  • Your response to the Nominated Senior Academic report (optional). 

  • Independent assessor reports for shortlisted applicants, if required. 

  • Requested support material, if required; 

  • Independent expert advice, if required; 

  • Interview, if required. 

Promotion panels will take a ‘whole of career’ approach (including your achievement at other institutions), with attention predominately paid to the proceeding five years. If you have been appointed to the University within the previous five years, the panel will consider your earlier work however, the main focus will be your impact and achievements since beginning at UniSA. If you have been promoted within the previous five years, the panel will focus predominantly on your impact and achievements since you were last promoted.