Eligibility and how to apply

Continuing and fixed-term academic staff (Teaching Academic, Teaching & Research Academic or Research Academic), whether full-time or part-time, are eligible to apply for promotion to Level B, Level C, Level D or Level E.  Academic staff on fixed-term contracts who are successful in their promotion application have been recognised for the quality and impact of their work, however, are not guaranteed a further fixed-term contract or continuing employment.   

For more information, please contact the Recruitment Central team. 

Academic staff who have been unsuccessful for academic promotion in the previous year are not eligible to apply for promotion in the next round.  You must wait a minimum of one year before reapplying for academic promotion, unless you have written approval from the Provost & Chief Academic Officer (Level B or C) or the Vice Chancellor (Level D or E). 

Applications for academic promotion will not be accepted after the closing date. 

You may submit new information via email to recruitment@unisa.edu.au for the purpose of:

  • Clarifying or updating achievements that have been foreshadowed in your application (eg acceptance of a grant application or publication submission);
  • Providing new information about unanticipated events and/or significant achievements that significantly strengthen your case for promotion (eg external teaching award).

Additional information must be provided in a single word document, via email no later than 5 days before the relevant panel is due to meet for shortlisting. See panel composition and dates FAQ.

All continuing and fixed term academic staff are eligible to apply, even within the 3 year academic promotion period.

It is important to be aware however that the panel will focus mainly on achievements since appointment to UniSA.  If you have only been at UniSA for a short time the panel will look at your career as a whole, however, you will have fewer achievements to show from your time at UniSA and as such the case for promotion will not be as strong.

Academic staff members about to commence parental leave, are on parental leave or who have recently returned from parental leave are strongly encouraged to consider applying for promotion. You might like to read theAchievement Relative to Opportunity information available on our Academic Promotion webpage.


The following guide will step you through how to use the e-recruitment system.