Expectations of performance

If you hold a Teaching and Research Academic appointment or a Research Academic appointment, the minimum standards for academic levels (MSAL) are a useful guide to the minimum experience, duties and level of contribution expected. If you hold a Teaching Academic appointment, you should refer to the Teaching Academic Standards of Performance for details on expectations.  

Position descriptions and thacademic classification standards also provide information about expected academic performance as do the performance management and development conversations with your supervisor 

For you to progress through the Academic Promotion levels there is an expectation that you can demonstrate (where relevant) a sustained increase in the: 

  • interplay between your teaching and learning, research, and engagement; 

  • active engagement with and demonstration of the qualities described in the Core Attributes of UniSA Staff

  • range of activities that support UniSA’s ambition to Australia’s University of Enterprise 

  • quality and impact of your teaching and your contribution to all aspects of learning and teaching; 

  • quality and impact of your research;  

  • scope and quality of your engagement with industry and/or practice; 

  • scale and influence of your contribution in the discipline, the University or the wider community; 

  • scope of your leadership;  

  • mentorship, coaching and team participation and involvement you engage in; and 

  • way you are perceived by peers - your local, national and international reputation and standing.  

At UniSA, if you are applying for promotion to Level D or E it is important to recognise that Professors and Associate Professors are expected to lead by example through strong leadership capabilities, compelling and authentic modelling of the Core Attributes, discipline leadership for UniSA that has real impactthe quality and effectiveness of teaching, greater research outputs, the high quality standard of your engagement, and through mentoring more junior staff. If you are applying for Level C, we expect you to demonstrate leadership in these areas and for Level B, your leadership can still be emerging 

If you have had a significant career in industry and/or practice prior to joining the University and you can demonstrate the attributes of an academic (relative to the level being sought and the length of university career), you may be assessed by a benchmark that takes into consideration the impact and quality of your whole career.  

The Academic Promotion process should form part of your wider performance development and management (PDM) conversation so that you have access to feedback on your performance and appreciation of your potential and impact.