Outcomes and feedback

Applicants will be provided with an update on the progress of their application within 10 days of each meeting (shortlisting, independent assessor and interviews).  All updates will be provided by email to the address advised in your application.

Once recommendations have been approved by the Vice Chancellor (Level B and Level C) and University Council (Level D and Level E), the Executive Director: People, Talent and Culture will formally confirm the outcome in writing.

Promotion will be effective 1 January in the year following the academic promotion application round.

Unsuccessful applicants for academic promotion will be provided with an opportunity to meet with their Executive Dean/Dean/Director/Pro Vice Chancellor for meaningful and constructive feedback.

For more information, please contact the Recruitment Central Team.

Unsuccessful applicants can appeal the outcome of the Academic Promotion round only on the grounds that due process was not followed. 

In the event that an unsuccessful applicant seeks to lodge an appeal on the grounds that due process was not followed, they should contact the Executive Officer of the relevant Academic Promotion Panel who will ensure that the appeal is responded to. 

Please refer to theStaff Appeals Policy.