Building Team Trust

Facilitator: Dr Ruchi Sinha
Target group: Level C & D Academics, HEO7 – 9 Professional
Duration: 3hrs
Location: Virtual workshop (you will receive a separate email with your Zoom registration instructions following workshop confirmation)

Trust is a crucial ingredient in all high-quality relationships in life and at work. However, we are rarely aware of the social and psychological process by which others judge our trustworthiness and how we see theirs. Over-trusting and under-trusting can be costly.  

Relying on our past relationships, our betrayals, and successful experiences – we have all come to develop mental shortcuts for deciding who, when and how to trust.  As managers and leaders, we need to build trust among team members while also building trust in our leadership. However, these shortcuts and non-optimal preferences can exhaust us as we try to build trust in ourselves and among our teams.  

When we cannot calibrate our judgments, and influence the trust in relationships, we can miss opportunities to build strong, productive and authentic relationships with people at work. This workshop will provide you with the psychological science behind the building, sustaining, and repairing of individual and team trust at the workplace.  

Learning outcomes  

After attending the workshop, participants will receive the skills and knowledge to:  

  • Understand strategies that will allow you to become better at judging others' trustworthiness while also learning how to establish your own trustworthiness  
  • Understand ways in which individual and team trust can be sustained over time  
  • Understand how trust can be repaired in the aftermath of conflict and betrayal 


2023 dates


Date Time Location
Tuesday 5 September 9.30am – 12.30pm