Strategic Networking

Facilitator: Sharon Ferrier, Powerful Presentations
Target group: All women
Duration: 3.5hrs

‘People buy from people whom they like, know and trust.’ 

Competition is everywhere – people are spoilt for choice and in this high-tech world people are deciding with their gut as well as their mind. We want to do business with people we know and trust. Networking is vital for you to be able to build the relationships for people to want to do business this you 

We will explore how to: 

  • Meet and greet new people 
  • Create favourable first impressions 
  • Approach groups 
  • Develop your own ‘10 second grab’ 
  • Build and maintain a rapport bridge 
  • Follow up potential clients 

Learning outcomes: 

This workshop will enable you to: 

  • Understand the three levels of networking 
  • Think strategically about the business relationships you need to develop and why 
  • Build your profile and network in person and online 
  • Create a 30-day networking plan 


2023 dates


Date Time Location
Wednesday 28 June 2023

9:30am -1:00pm

Training room (AU2-02), 101 Currie Street