Establishing an Enterprising Team 


UniSA is committed to fostering an enterprising culture through empowered responsibility founded on trust. We want all our people to feel culturally and physically safe, to be trusted, empowered and accountable, to make decisions and develop practices that generate new opportunities and enterprise thinking, and to be ambassadors of our core values.  Leaders cultivate the foundation of culture through their own beliefs and actions and then empower employees to achieve team and organisational success.  The below selection of resources have been curated to support managers and leaders to create a culture of success.

Workshops for Managers

UniSA Core Attribute Team Integration

Our strategic intent is to differentiate UniSA as a true University of Enterprise. To help achieve this ambition, the University has identified a unique set of core behavioural attributes to guide our development as an enterprising workforce culture.

To exemplify the essence and culture of an enterprise workforce, we aspire that each of our staff will:







These five attributes have been incorporated into all of our recruitment, professional development and performance management processes.

Interested in exploring and improving how your team and team culture align to UniSA's Core Attributes?  Contact to discuss team activities suitable for including in meetings or team planning days.

Core Attribute descriptors for Professional staff



Respect, Values & Conduct


Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC)

Helpful resources, guidelines & directions


Sexual Assault & Harassment

UniSA's zero tolerance to Sexual Assault & Harassment & approach to disclosures


Diversity is Our Strength

Information & resources on gender equity, disability, and anti-racism at UniSA


Safe & Healthy Spaces for All

Get to know our values and the behaviours we expect of each other at UniSA

Team Management Systems & Team Profile Tool

The TMS Team Management Profile (TMP) is one of the world’s leading psychometric profiling tools for personal, team and leadership development.

The TMP is about learning, not just assessment. It identifies eight core activities (Types of Work Wheel), mapped against four work preference measures (RIDO Scale) which combine to create an individual’s unique Team Management Profile.

The benefits of understanding a team member’s Profile include:

  • Being able to identify a person’s strengths and work preferences
  • Developing greater self-awareness and strategies to improve performance
  • Helping people understand why they work the way they do
  • Providing a common language for teams to communicate with
  • Enabling leaders to successfully and confidently assign people to projects and tasks
  • Delivering objective, constructive and work-focused insights.

Team Management Profile Wheel


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Hogan Assessments - Predicting Workplace Performance

Hogan Assessment Systems is the world leader in predicting workplace performance using personality and UniSA's preferred psychometric testing tool. Grounded in decades of science, Hogan helps businesses dramatically reduce turnover and increase
productivity by hiring the right people, developing key talent, and evaluating leadership potential.


Visit Hogan Assessment to explore options for your team

Useful Videos & Podcasts

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