Senior Staff

From 2016, the University has been providing an expanded array of senior leadership development contributions. This focus has included SMG, Heads of School, Deans and Directors of Research Institutes, Directors, Associate Heads and Associate Directors of Units.

Senior Executive Coaching is now available in a highly individualised format. Our approach is high touch, drawing from an external panel of coaches offering greater diversity of coaching approaches, tools and expertise and customised to create a greater compatibility of coaching relationships suited to the needs of senior staff across UniSA.

We believe senior executive coaching provides a robust foundation for an effective leader and manger development process, with a strong connection to the continued working relationship between supervisor and participant. The coaching is guided by participant priorities in areas like personal development, performance, skills and knowledge development and is closely connected to the University's 360 degree process.

The senior staff coaching program has recently undergone an external review. While the recommendations are considered we will be considering coaching requests on a case by case basis. For more information, contact the Talent & Organisational Development team.

Emerging leader coaching

Emerging Leader Coaching is also available; the University of South Australia has chosen Coach in a Box to collaborate with as part of an ongoing leadership development initiative for high potential senior staff.

UniSA staff have previously engaged with Coach in a Box's on-line coaching with positive feedback on the experience. Coach in a Box work from a foundation of confidentiality in a flexible and virtual coaching capacity.

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