Learning Paths

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Become a project manager

Project managers are catalysts for change. Learn how to inspire a sense of shared purposed in a team, and how to manage projects from beginning to end using proven project management techniques.

Learning Path with 10 courses which includes:

  • Project Management Foundations
  • Project Management Foundations: Change
  • Project Management Foundations: Communication
  • Project Management Foundations: Quality


Fostering collaboration

Teams are increasingly relied upon as the primary means for getting work done in an organisation. And the best work comes from teams who can collaborate effectively. This path helps managers and employees learn the key skills required for effective collaboration.

Learning Path with 9 courses which includes:

  • Leading and Working in Teams
  • Teamwork
  • Effective Listening
  • Building Trust
  • Decision Making Strategies
  • Building Accountability in your Culture
  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Leading Productive Meetings


Improve your organisation skills

Boost your productivity by managing time more efficiently, creating effective to-do lists, and sharpening your focus on what matters most.

Learning Path with 4 courses includes:

  • Time Management Fundamentals
  • Outlook 2016: Time Management with Calendar and Tools
  • Managing To-Do Lists
  • Improving Your Focus


Fostering innovation

Innovations is always risky, but when successful, it can propel companies forward. Learn how to drive the creation of innovation products and services by cultivating creativity and risk-taking at all levels.

Learning Path with 8 courses which includes:

  • Building Creative Organisations
  • Managing Team Creativity
  • Leading and Working in Teams
  • Decision Making Strategies


Improve your microsoft excel skills

Increase the number skills you have and improve your spreadsheet by expanding your use of the versatile features in Microsoft Excel. Learn how to work smarter with this essential business tool. Master working with formulas, charts, pivot tables and more.

Learning path with 4 courses:

  • Excel 2016: Advanced Formulas and Functions
  • Excel 2016: Charts in Depth
  • Excel 2016: Pivot Tables in Depth
  • Excel 2016: Advanced Formatting Techniques


Improve your presentation skills

Presentation skills are critical to success in nearly every occupation. Learn how to plan, organise and deliver more polished and compelling presentations.

Learning path with 3 courses which includes:

  • Creating and Giving Business Presentations
  • PowerPoint 2016: Tips and Tricks