PTC System Alerts (archive)

Appian VCA approvers list: The following online forms have been enhanced to dynamically display the approvers listed on the VCA Register: Variation to Hours, Temporary Variation to Position, Casual Contracts, End of Employment, Non-paid appointments. If an approver is not appearing on a dropdown as expected, please check the VCA Register (available on the Vice Chancellor's Authorisations webpage) in both the 'Profiles' and 'Sub-Authorisations' worksheets to ensure there is an relevant, active profile for the org2 concerned. If there is not, please contact Assurance Services. If the approver is on the VCA Register but not appearing in the online form, please contact the People Data and Systems team via (April 2022).

Appian form - adding Authorsing Officers (AOs): requests to add AOs into the dropdown list of approvers (based on VCAs) is an overnight process. There currently are issues with some requests with the background synchronisation process failing overnight, which ISTS need to fix. Please allow extra time for these requests to be processed whilst ISTS investigate the issue (Dec 2021). This is has now been resolved (7 Feb 2022).

Dec 2021 pay period cut-off dates for casual staff & approvers: the 'Pay period schedule and cut-off dates' calendars have now been updated in AskPTC for Dec 2021 and calendar year 2022 to November (Oct 2021).

Document in Appian: Mac users may have random issues with opening documents from Appian in Safari and so may need to use Chrome or Firefox instead - this is a broader Appian issue that they are aware of. If the document will not open automatically in any browser and is a PDF, try CTRL J to view the browser's downloads screen to view the document (Sep 2021). 

Renewed contracts & reactivating staff ID cards: recommencing casual (or fixed term) staff can reactivate their staff ID cards via the my UniSA staff portal - instructions are now available via the Online Casual Administration webpage and are now included in the email received by casual staff after they accept their offer of employment - examples can be viewed on the Appian Online Forms > CAS webpage (Sep 2021). 

Non-paid not appearing in Records screen / unable to 'accept': at first glance, it looks like if non-paid renewal requests are initiated whilst the person still has 30 days access but this access has passed when the 'acceptance' task goes to the person, the task will not be able to be submitted and the Record cannot be accessed. IT are looking into this issue though, but in the interim, any requests likely to be in the same situation can be initiated as a 'commencement' to bypass this issue (Sep 2021). 

Reminder re new pay rates: the new staff salary rates for professional, academic and casual staff, come into effect in the ‘first full pay period commencing on or after 30 June 2021’ i.e. from Saturday 10 July 2021, as per the staff salary scales published in the Enterprise Agreement 2019 on page 74, 76 and 81 (June 2021). 

CAS Contract acceptance error (due to recent email issues) -  if current casual staff members do not often use their UniSA email account and missed the VCs announcement on 21 May 2021 (with directive to reset their UniSA network login password before 5pm on Friday 21 May 2021), they will not be able to login to Appian and accept further contracts. Please ask casuals to contact IT Helpdesk (x25555) to have their passwords reset (17 Jun 2021).

BI Reporting new users: After the BI Reporting upgrade, the new preferred browser is Mozilla Firefox and for BI Reporting (rather than Internet Explorer) and new users may need to clear their browser's cache for using BI Reporting for the first time. Please see the tipsheet Clearing your browser's cache for assistance (May 2021).imagexe10s.png

BI Reporting will be unavailable Friday 14 May 2021 due to a system upgrade - If you have any reports that must be run on Friday, please contact the HR-IMTeam. Apart from some minor visual enhancements, there’s no change to the way staff access Cognos reports, cubes, and dashboards.  An important note is that the new preferred browser from Monday 17th May will be Firefox (no more Internet Explorer). If you have any questions or need some assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact Adam Poetsch (x22213) or Daniel Byrnes (x21619).

MIMECAST auto-rejection of SharePoint alert emails  - alert emails can be set up by users to alert them of any changes made to libraries and these are sent from MIMECAST auto-rejects these emails and so they will not be received unless the user logs into their personal portal at and add this email to their 'Permitted Senders' and make sure the email is not in the 'Blocked Sender' area (30 Apr 2021).

Browsers 'auto-fill' functionality - the next Appian release (due in the 2nd quarter) will have new functionality to prevent browsers from auto-filling fields within the form e.g. 'acceptance' where appointees name may be auto-filled incorrectly (31 Mar 2021). Update: The Appian version 21.1 due to be implemented at UniSA in Q2 has been delayed to Q3. Currently UniSA is on version 20.4 (June 2021). In the meantime, if this has occurred, please contact Payroll asap so that they can make the change to their record.

'Find a Form' - a new 'Find a Form' portal version on the myUniSA staff portal, will soon be released. The new version, will direct users to our PTC Forms for All Staff webpage (instead of providing links to each individual form). The Forms for PTC Administrators will not be available via the 'Find a Form' portal. Individual Appian form links will be included in the list and will added automatically on the release of any new forms (16 Mar 2021).

Empower HR upgrade requirements -the EmpowerHR server is being upgraded on Friday 19th March 2021, 12:00pm – 5:00pm (myHR and EmpowerHR client will be unavailable for the duration of this change window). This also requires the client on your PC to be updated on the following Monday. ISTS Campus Support has created a software package that can be installed from the Software Centre (if prompted by a Microsoft Outlook Security Notice, select Yes to continue), available when the upgrade is complete. Before upgrading please ensure EmpowerHR has been shut down. The installation package attempts to uninstall previous versions. If the client install fails after your PC has been rebooted, please raise an incident with the IT Help Desk (Mar 2021)

Closing CAS contracts containing pre-AOT org codes - all pre-AOT codes have now been removed from Appian. Any CAS contracts that are to be closed that contain pre-AOT codes, may now error as below. These contracts must be closed via the Casual Contract Bulk Closure tool (4 Mar 2021).
Adjunct PDF output
- some fields on the Adjunct PDF final record have been missing from recent records. This issue has now been fixed. This PDF is produced at the finalisation of the process and is also available for download at the Executive Dean endorse / approval stage of the process via the 'Application Form' button. This 'form' is used by some local areas to print off for additional local area endorsement outside of Appian (2 Mar 2021).

Removal of all pre-AOT org codes from Appian - pre-AOT org codes were left in Appian after April 2020 so that previous records using old org codes could still be accessed. These codes have now been removed (Mar 2021).

New appointment notification emails - emails sent to appointees on the finalisation of their appointments (CAS, NPP, ADJ) have been changed to reflect a 2-3 day business day wait until appointees can contact IT to obtain their new network login credentials. This has replaced the 24 - 48 hours, which caused some confusion as did not take into consideration weekends / public holidays when processing does not occur (28 Feb 2021).

Appian form PDF record transfer to SharePoint - during the recent changes to SharePoint, it appears that some PDF records did not transferred successfully from Appian (on finalisation). Please contact the HR-IMTeam if you cannot locate your records (17 Feb 2021).

Appian forms with a PDF record - all Appian processes with  a PDF record generated, are currently erroring so tasks cannot be actioned. ISTS is currently looking into the issue (9 Feb 2021)

EpiServer Content Freeze - web authors will be unable to login to EpiServer on Thursday 11 February 2021 between 5.30am to 1.00pm for system maintenance.

Asset Bank - new sign in from 4 February 2021 for the University Images Asset Bank. Use 'login for internal users' to access. For any issues logging in, please contact the IT Help Desk or

New Adjunct nomination & Non-Paid appointment error - some new nominations / appointments in Appian are experiencing an error 'Error Evaluating UI Expression'. ISTS are currently investigating (Dec 2020).

New Appian login screen - ISTS has introduced a new login screen for Appian (Aug 2020). For users accepting appointments with a temporary username and password (provided to them in the 'acceptance' email they received), they must login via the 'External Users' link. An 'external user' is anyone with an account / login created within Appian itself (rather than ISTS) e.g. temporary acceptance accounts, system administrator accounts. This extra instruction has been added to the Appian email sent to users.

If the user receives a login error message, they may already be automatically logged into Appian with a UniSA Staff or Student account. They will need to open a new browser (that has not 'remembered' their usual login) and login via there instead. For example, if they are using 'Chrome' as a browser, they can open 'Firefox' or 'Internet Explorer'. 

PTC w3 environment archived - as Google searches were still returning links to old HR webpages from the w3 environment, CMK has now archived the HR w3 environment for us (Wednesday 19 August 2020). Searches will still return w3 links for a while (as they are cached) but users will not be able to open the pages, they will instead receive a 404 error page. If you come across any broken links related to the w3, please let the HR-IMTeam know. 

PTC SharePoint > Staff Employment Records - the search on this site now works best using staff ID rather than the name of the staff member (August 2020)

New PTC SharePoint - a new PTC SharePoint was released in June 2020 in the 'modern' 2019 version of SharePoint. See New PTC SharePoint (v2019) for more details.

Nomination policy changes (ADJ) - from August 2020 a new Honorary Awards and Honorary Academic Titles Policy C-37 was released replacing the previous policy (C-16) and related procedures.

Two immediate changes have been identified for addition to the Adjunct online form process:

  1. Rename the ‘Nominator’ field to the ‘Reviewer’ field and add the info text ‘The reviewer must be an Academic staff member but not the Executive Dean or Director of Research Institute (as they will endorse or approve the nomination at a later stage of the process)’. It is presumed that if the Dean of Programs or Dean of Research is added to the 'Reviewer' field (rather than the Endorser field), that the non-mandatory 'Endorser' field will be left blank (so the task is not received twice as the 'Reviewer' and also the 'Endorser').
  2. Rename referenced to ‘SHATC’ which is now the ‘HAHAT’ Honorary Awards and Honorary Academic Titles Committee (HAHAT).

A potential third change is awaiting Chancellery's approval re if the SHATC / HAHAT wish to:

a) keep the current process as is (some nominations not going for approval to the SHATC as they were current staff that resigned/retired and were being appointed as an Adjunct at the same level that they were as a staff member). If this exception is kept there may be a potential policy change to match.
b) if they wish to see all Level D-E appointments in the future (which will require a change to the Appian online form process).

Updates to the Adjunct online form will be made once all changes have been approved.

Login authentication changes (HRO, NPP, ADJ, CAS) - from Monday 10 August 2020, ISTS have implemented changes to the Appian login screen. Appian emails sent to candidates and appointees with temporary logins have been updated with this information. The changes provide an easier interface for users and will support single sign on behaviour for applications. Access will also now lapse after a period of inactivity.

Records Screen (NPP) - the non-paid records search function was recently fixed by ISTS and a 21 day archive functionality added (to increase the speed of searches). At 6 Aug 2020, it appears that some in-progress and finalised records cannot be found in the Records table. ISTS are currently investigating the issue. Please note: all finalised records are still available via the PTC Confidential Employment Records (Staff), in the restricted access SharePoint. - this issue was fixed 20 August 2020.  

Verification code required (myHR & email) - from 18 May 2020, in addition to your normal password, you will need to enter a code (sent to your mobile phone) in order to access either myHR or your University email (via a web browser). See myHR for more details.

Post AOT reminders (ALL FORMS):
1. Org Unit drop downs 
- please remember to select the correct Org 1 e.g. 'Teaching Enterprise' so that the new Org 2s appear e.g. UniSA Creative
2. Approvers in Appian - just a reminder that correct approvers will not appear in drop down lists unless current (from 6 April) org units are selected.
3. New Academic Unit names - CMK has stated that they must include a ‘&’ and not the word ‘and’ (eg correct use is Justice & Society)

Reminder re the creation of new staff details into HR Systems (CAS) - the Casual Administration System (CAS) migrates data to the system each day at 5pm via their Staff Lifecycle refresh e.g. creates email accounts / network usernames. The overnight refresh, then picks up new CAS contracts and adds the details into myUniSA / Empower.

Deletion of uploaded documents (NPP): an enhancement to the form has been requested with ISTS, so that when an 'Appointment Category' selection is changed by the initiator prior to submitting the request, that all associated uploaded documents are also automatically deleted at that time. In the interim, please ensure that all documents uploaded under the incorrect category are removed before submitting. If they are not removed an error will occur at HR Review (Jan 2020).

Issues opening with internet Explorer (ALL FORMS): some users have had issues opening Appian with Internet Explorer since the last upgrade of Appian. IT is currently investigating the issue but in the meantime, using another browser should solve the issue (Nov 2019).

New Appian HR Reassign Tool (ALL FORMS): a new tool has been created to reassign any HR tasks to another staff member. See HR GEN Reassign instructions for details. This functionality is only available to Business Partners (not Recruitment Central). Please note: this list will include tasks that have been 'accepted' and also tasks that are sitting in the task list that have not yet been accepted by anyone in the relevant group (Sep 2019).

Work Entitlement edits (NPP): appointee no longer has the ability to edit their work entitlement or passport country (Sep 2019). If there is a discrepancy, the applicant should contact the ‘requestor’ as directed on the screen. If the applicant was recorded as AU or NZ but is in fact Temp or PR, the request should be discarded and resubmitted so that the appropriate checks can take place. If the application was recorded as Temp or PR but in fact is AU or NZ, the ‘requestor’ would need to contact the HR Immigration team and they would need to make a note in the Comments section and ‘Approve’ to push the process through.

IT systems access requests (NPP): all emails to IT Helpdesk requesting systems access will be sent 24 hours after Payroll has finalised the request (previously, existing / previous staff requests were sent after approval) - change requested by IT Helpdesk (Sept 2019).

New Visa Class added (NPP & ADJ): 'offshore' added as a 'Visa Class' in Empower and to the drop down for 'Visa Class' in the VEVO check screen (Sep 2019).

New Rescind button (HRO): At the 'acceptance' stage of the process, Recruitment Central (Level 7+) now has the ability to 'push back' the request via the RESCIND button on the Records screen. This will 'push back' the request to the 2nd Contract Reviewer, who can then 'push back' (the request can be 'pushed back' all the way back to the initiator if required) or make an amendment (Sept 2019).

Records search function (NPP):
 issues with the Records search function are currently being investigated by Appian. Records are still available but need to be searched either by 'status' or manually located in the list of records. If attempting the use the general search bar, an error may be returned as below (Aug 2019).

Contract claims (CAS): some casual staff are not able to claim the number of assessments they are contracted to do, even though there are hours left. This is a rounding issue that is currently being investigated by IT (2019).

Appointment forms & network access (HRO, NPP, ADJ, CAS): IT is now providing network access up to 4 weeks prior (rather than the 2 weeks prior granted previously) to a new staff member's commencement date with UniSA as long as the appointment has been processed by Payroll and added to the HR System.

Note: as all appointments are now process online, there is no longer a Network Access Form but in rare cases where a paper-based form is required the local area will need to monitor when the appointment has been entered into the HR System by Payroll and then email IT Helpdesk asking that network access be granted (IT will use the entry into the HR System as the approval to do this). 2018

See ISTS system alerts on the Service Status Announcements page.