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Our University will develop a learning environment where individuals can share their diverse experiences to increase the organisation’s understanding of diversity and inclusion.

We will build the cultural capacity of the organisation by developing a comprehensive learning and development program that reduces unconscious bias and provides individuals with the skills and tools necessary to address the diverse needs of our communities.


Explore the range of Professional Development opportunities
centered around Equity & Inclusion

Workshop Calendar


Workshops Date Facilitator Audience

Diversity & Inclusion - Bystander learning conversations

Wednesday 20 October Polykala All staff
Unconscious Bias Thursday 21  October Anna Lee All staff
Inclusive Language Thursday 28 October Diversity Council Australia All staff

SBS Core Inclusion

Available anytime e-learning All staff



Diversity & Inclusion - Bystander learning conversations

Facilitator: Polykala
Target group: All staff
Date: Wednesday 20 October
Time: 9.30am - 12noon
Location: Virtual workshop

This 2.5-hour session forms part of the Equity Diversity and Inclusion program and addresses:

  • Your own relationship to diversity,
  • the impacts felt by people who experience marginalisation,
  • practical strategies to promote workplace cultures that celebrate diversity, and
  • how to stand up for a diverse and inclusive workplace, and be an ally.

This workshop focuses on “how groups of people work through their differences”, “what skills are needed to do so with intelligence and compassion?” and “how we celebrate diversity through the practice of learning conversations and conscious conflict”. This workshop provides a vehicle for creating authentically diverse workplaces.

You will learn through a skill-focused and practical approach where participants learn by reflecting, sharing, listening and doing. This workshop is reflective, conversational and active. The facilitators won’t tell you what to think but instead provide opportunities for you to make up your mind by hearing from your peers and exploring your own (default) sense-making patterns.

This session will include experiential learning activities, facilitator input and group discussions.

Learning Outcomes

  • You will be able to understand your relationship to demographic and viewpoint diversity and how this relates to the practice of inclusion
  • You will appreciate the link between being an active bystander and leadership
  • You will be able to apply active bystander communication skills in everyday work
  • You will be able to intervene in tricky situations by using direct and indirect intervention techniques


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Unconscious Bias

Facilitator: Anna Lee
Target group: All staff
Date: Thursday 21 October
Time: 9.00am - 1.00pm
Location: Training Room, 101 Currie Street, Level 2

Every day every one of us is taking - or not taking - some action based on thoughts and beliefs that are driven by our unconscious thinking system. The result? Our decisions, relationships and perceptions of others are sometimes driven not by rational observation, but by inaccurate assumptions.

Our unconscious thinking system is critical to our survival - it helps us to multitask, respond effectively when our safety is compromised and avoid information overload. However, unconscious processes are also prone to errors that can lead to flawed decision-making, significant bias and blinkered thinking. In this workshop, you'll learn about:

  • why it's important to understand the difference between our conscious and unconscious thinking systems
  • three biases that impact individual and team performance, engagement and wellbeing: the ingroup effect, social stereotyping and groupthink
  • how to identify the 'Red Flags' that can alert you to bias being at play in communications, decisions and performance assessments
  • how to apply Individual and team safeguards that can help minimise the impact of unconscious bias at work.



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Inclusive Language

Facilitator: Diversity Council Australia
Target group: All staff
Date: Thursday 28 October
Time: 9.30am - 11.00am
Location: Virtual workshop

Enable everyone in your organization to feel valued and respected

We know from research that inclusive cultures are high performance cultures – they deliver greater performance and productivity. How we speak to and about each other influences how we treat each other, and so it also builds our workplace culture.

Language is a powerful tool for building inclusion or exclusion at work – it allows people to feel valued, respected and one of the team (included) or under-valued, disrespected and an “outsider” (excluded).

This interactive and evidence based knowledge program utilises Diversity Council Australia’s latest research findings across Age, Cultural, Disability, Gender, Aboriginal and LGBTIQ+ diversity dimensions and equips participants with the skills, knowledge and resources to be more inclusive at work and beyond.

Learning objectives/outcomes include:

  • Explain why #WordsAtWork matter in your workplace.
  • Identify what Inclusive Language is.
  • Describe how to address Non Inclusive-Language.
  • Demonstrate how to locate and use #WordsAtWork Resources



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