Freedom of expression for all

Our University will build an environment of trust where individuals feel
safe to disclose their needs and express their views.

We will ensure that our learning and working environments promote inclusive language and encourage practices that are mutually respectful and meet the diverse needs of those we serve and support.

Our leaders will demonstrate inclusive behaviours and act as the primary advocates for change. They will be responsible for and take action to remove systemic barriers to inclusion.

Guiding our Safety


Treating People with Respect

As a University of Enterprise we have always had strong policies promoting equal opportunity in employment and education and opposing discrimination against people because of their gender, family responsibilities, age, gender identity, marital status, pregnancy, sexuality, race, disability, political views, or religious beliefs.  To reinforce our values we have developed a good practice guide for staff on the importance of treating people with respect.

View the staff guide



Preventing & responding to Sexual Assault & Sexual Harassment

Supporting someone who has disclosed sexual assault or sexual harassment can have a big impact on their recovery and willingness to access support services. The staff guide provides information on responding to people disclosing or reporting an incident of sexual assault or harassment in a compassionate, supportive, respectful and helpful manner.

View the guide for staff