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Preventing and Responding to Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment

At UniSA we work hard to foster a respectful environment where we value our students and staff for their potential to contribute to better social outcomes and where sexuality, sexual orientation, race and religion are no barrier to acceptance, advancement and engagement. 

We are committed to the principles of equity, to respect for difference and to delivering a physically and virtually safe environment in which to work and study. 

We have consistently made clear that there is no room for sexual assault and sexual harassment at UniSA.

We are a safe and respectful community and we have introduced survivor centric and trauma informed policies, processes and support services to support anyone in our University community who wants to disclose or report sexual assault or sexual harassment.  

We have trained a group of staff who, through their positions in the University, are likely to be ‘first responders’ for people who disclose or report sexually inappropriate or unacceptable behaviours. 

This site provides information on preventing sexual assault and sexual harassment and accompanies our guide for staff to support people who have experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment. 

To complement these activities, The University is introducing a new online training resource for staff and students called, Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment - What are the drivers and how can we respond? developed by Universities Australia and the Australian Psychological Society. 

This online training is mandatory for all staff to complete. This isn’t a step we take lightly. This is about making sure that each one of us is aware of, and acts in support of, our individual responsibility to help create a safe and respectful community and how together we can build a culture in which everyone can thrive. 

Access the online training

Sexual Assault & Sexual Harassment - What are the drivers and how can we respond?


This training is mandatory for all staff to complete.

A guide for staff

Supporting someone who has disclosed sexual assault or sexual harassment can have a big impact on their recovery and willingness to access support services. The staff guide provides information on responding to people disclosing or reporting an incident of sexual assault or harassment in a compassionate, respectful and helpful manner.

The guide summarises:

  • our approach to supporting anyone who discloses or reports sexual assault or sexual harassment,
  • obligations of managers and supervisors,
  • provides advice to staff who are approached by someone who wishes to disclose or report such experiences,
  • emergency, counselling and other support services contact information.


The University has also developed a Sexual Assault & Sexual Harassment website for students
which outlines where to access support, information and help.



Respect. Now. Always.

UniSA is an active supporter of Universities Australia’s Respect. Now. Always. (RNA) initiative to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault at our universities and share best practice to improve support for those who have experienced it.

Respect, Values & Conduct


Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC)

Helpful resources, guidelines & directions


Australian Human Rights Commission

Resources, support & bystander approaches for Sexual Harassment


Diversity is Our Strength

Information & resources on gender equity, disability, and anti-racism at UniSA


Safe & Healthy Spaces for All

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