Welcome to Research & Innovation Services (RIS)

The team at RIS assists UniSA’s researchers in the development and management of research projects. We cover everything from engaging with partners and identifying funding opportunities, through to formal closure of a project. This site brings together the sources of advice and support from across different parts of the university; delivering a one-stop-shop for information on processes and best practice, accessing templates, contacting subject experts and Aboriginal engagement.

Who is RIS?

RIS is a team of professional and academic staff located across the university, assisting researchers with identifying potential research partners, securing funding, contract and project establishment, and ongoing management of research projects. We also provide support on strategic initiatives and education & training activities associated with Research Degree Students and supervisors. Contact RIS here and let us help you suceed in research at UniSA. 

What's new in RIS?

Update 24 October: Research Contract/Advice Request Online Form - NOW LIVE!

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Services RIS provide

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