Chemical hazards, equipment and radiation safety

Chemical Hazards and Nanomaterials

You are required to consider health and safety issues related to your research or teaching and comply with work health and safety regulatory requirements. The use of certain highly hazardous chemicals or nanomaterials, including any highly toxic chemicals that require special precautions to be taken in their use or storage, requires approval from the University Chemical Advisory Safety Committee.

Refer to the University Chemicals and Nanomaterials web pages for more details.

Equipment, plant, devices and pressure vessels

Does your project involve the use of equipment, plant, devices or pressure vessels that are not part of the normal equipment, plant, devices or pressure vessels assessed and managed by the School or Institute under its routine Work Health and Safety (WH&S) responsibilities?

If so, please complete a Project Proposal Safety Authorisation form (Word doc) and submit it to your Executive Dean/Institute Director.

Radiation safety

If you are using radiation (ionising or non-ionising) for research or technical purposes, you must refer to the University Radiation web pages.

Where participants in human research are exposed to ionising or non-ionising radiation, approval must be sought from the University Radiation Safety Committee as a condition of ethics approval.