Quarantine and transfer of goods

Quarantine: Guidance on quarantine requirements for commodities to be imported from overseas, transferred between Australian states, transferred between Quarantine Approved Premises (QAPs) or transferred from a quarantine zone. 

Import: Guidance on importation requirements and import permits. This includes importation within Australia and from overseas. 

Export: Guidance on export permits and export of controlled goods or technology. 

Material Transfer Agreements: Almost all non-commercial institutions, and some commercial companies such as ATCC and CellBank Australia, require a signed Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) before shipment. Check with the sender if they require a signed MTA. The same applies when exporting biologicals from UniSA.

Recording Non-Commercial Imports and Exports

Each research unit should have a database into which all non-commercial goods imported or exported are recorded. (1)

Records for imported goods should include:

  • quarantine entry number (where applicable)
  • name of the supplier
  • import permit number or DAWR in vivo approval number (where applicable)
  • description of the materials
  • date the material is received or exported
  • location
  • records of any derivatives and additional cultures/material or substance grown from the original material subject to quarantine
  • where applicable, quantities (e.g. kg, litres) of goods received, destroyed and in storage
  • batch number (where applicable)
  • proposed research and analysis details
  • details of any special treatments
  • method and date of disposal/destruction of goods subject to quarantine and any direct or indirect derivatives
  • method and date of waste disposal/destruction
  • comprehensive details of any breaches of goods subject to quarantine from the facility

These records are to be retained for at least 18 months following receipt of goods. In the case of PC3 Genetically Modified Microorganisms, retain records for a minimum of 3 years. (2)

(1) Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Quarantine Premises Criteria
(2) Gene Technology Act