Quarantine requirements

Quarantine regulations govern the safe management and control of pest and disease risk to humans, animals, plants and the environment.

If your research or teaching involves the importation, exportation or transfer of organisms and/or biological products, you must abide by the following Federal and State legislation:

Federal Legislation

State Legislation

These acts are governed by the Federal Government's Department of Agriculture (formerly DAFF or AQIS) Biosecurity section and the State Government's Biosecurity SA. The agency websites contain detailed and current information on quarantine and transportation restrictions for animal and plant material. You should review the content of these websites prior to making any decision to import or transport animal or plant material.

Dependent on your activity you may require:

If you intend importing animals or genetically modified organisms or sensitive biological agents then ethics and/or biosafety approval must be obtained before applying for an Import Permit.

If you have any queries please contact:

Ethics & Integrity
Research and Innovation Services
Mawson Lakes Campus