How do sanctions affect me?

Australian Sanctions Laws prohibit the University from dealing with specific individuals and entities, or providing those individuals, entities and specified countries with access to certain types of training, services and resources in the absence of a permit.  

This is of particular relevance to UniSA staff in the following areas:

  • Research Degree Student admission and enrolment i.e. individuals from sanctioned countries are prohibited from undertaking certain types of research projects
  • Formal and informal research collaborations, including but not limited to visiting academics, visiting research degree students, student exchanges; where information is shared that can reasonably be considered to be providing technical advice, assistance or training in sanctioned goods
  • Receipt of fees (particularly tuition fees) and other research-related revenue
  • Payments to sanctioned countries for goods or services
  • Travel, including for the purpose of research collaboration (as above) and for presentations at conferences where material being shared may breach sanctions laws
  • Recruitment of staff.

UniSA is expected to take reasonable precautions and exercise due diligence to apply the restrictions.

Where to go for more information?

For an up to date list of sanctioned countries refer to DFAT.

Any significant change to the current sanctioned regimes will be posted on the 'Australia and Sanctions' webpage on the DFAT website. It will also be communicated by Research and Innovation Services, directly to relevant areas of the University and through Staff Announcements.

For research degree student admissions, enrolments and visiting scholars refer to Manager Admissions and associated Procedures.

For travel to sanctioned countries refer to DFAT to ensure your proposed activity doesn't breach Australian Sanctions Laws.

For international receipts and payments involving sanctioned countries refer to Manager Financial Services.

For employment of staff from sanctioned countries refer to Manager Recruitment.

If you believe you may require a permit for your proposed activity please contact Research and Innovation Services.

For information about autonomous sanctions generally, refer to UN & Australian Autonomous Sanctions, or contact Research and Innovation Services.