Sanctions measures

Sanctions are highly targeted measures which are aimed at removing circumstances that have led to, or which have the potential to lead to, a particular threat to, or breach of, international security.

These measures may be relevant to enrolling students from sanctioned regimes, travel to sanctioned countries and collaboration between universities and academics.

Sanctions measures include general prohibitions on:

  • providing a 'sanctioned service';
  • dealing with a 'designated person or entity';
  • making a 'sanctioned supply' of 'export sanctioned goods';
  • making a 'sanctioned import' of 'import sanctioned goods';
  • engaging in a 'sanctioned commercial activity';
  • using or dealing with a 'controlled asset'; or
  • The entry into or transit through Australia of a 'designated person' or a 'declared person'.

Detailed information on the sanctions measures imposed by a particular sanctions regime can be found on the DFAT website.