What's new in the UniSA Research Office?


Update 24 October 2022: Research Contract/Advice Request Online Form - NOW LIVE!

The UniSA Research Office are looking to continuously improve the way in which we enable research and provide research management and services. As a key part of our Business Review and Improvement Projects, and to support efficiencies in Research Contracting processes, we have launched an online form which has been created with very constructive feedback from our stakeholders across the institution. This form can now be used for requesting either the review of a Research Contract/Variation or for Research contract advice. This online form will help to streamline the process for requesting research contracts; request variations and asking for advice on a wide range of research contracting matters. 


While the new online form requires information up front, including a myRM number, it is anticipated that it will help:

- expedite the research contracting process

- provide more transparency in ‘where is my research contract up to?’  

- improve the allocation time to a Research Contracts Officer

- avoid delays going back and forth or duplication of work by our researchers and at the Academic Unit Level

- enable monitoring of processing times, number of research contracts and $ per academic unit ect….


Access to the online form can be found via this link. Our UniSA Research Office Research Contracts team are here to help in a smooth transition, as we work towards the 1st December where all contracting requests will be received via the online form. If you require any assistance with the online form please contact one of our friendly contracts team members via email on research.contracts@unisa.edu.au.

FAQ's coming soon.........

This is an evolving form and should you have any feedback or any questions that can be used to formulate FAQ's please submit them via this link.

On Wednesday 2nd November Jodieann Dawe: Director, UniSA Research Office gave a webinar which showcased the Research Contract/Advice Request e-form and provided a platform for Q&A. To view the recording of this webinar please do so via this link using passcode: 6!djBR?W