Risk and Assurance Services

Risk and Assurance Services provides an independent, objective assurance activity to improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes across the University of South Australia. It coordinates audit, risk management and legislative compliance activities, and has a reporting line to Council through the Audit, Finance and Risk Committee.

Internal audit has independent status within the University, as described by Council in the Internal Audit Charter. The Audit, Finance and Risk Committee reviews and approves the scope of the annual internal audit work program, and is responsible for oversight of the processes for the identification and assessment of legislative and general business risks, and for reviewing the adequacy of the University’s system of internal control.

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Risk and Assurance Services sits within Resources and is managed by the Head: Risk and Assurance, Matthew Rickard. Administrative and project support is provided on a part-time basis by the Unit Executive Officer, Trish Hanlon. The other members of the unit are:


+61 8 8302 0103 (Trish Hanlon)



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Risk and Assurance Services
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