Change Your Assessment

Page Contents:

  1. Alternative Asessment
  2. Policy Considerations
  3. Minor Changes to Assessment
  4. Major Changes to Assessment
  5. Message from TESQA

Alternative assessment in place of the examination

If you believe an alternative fit-for-purpose assessment can be used in place of the exam, the Teaching Innovation Unit (TIU) can support staff through online consultations with Academic Developers and/or Online Educational Designers to develop the assessment piece. Students will be required to complete this assignment during Week 13 not the timetabled exam week. If such a change in assessment type takes place, refer to the process for modifying assessment type below.   

In 2021, the ENTEXT provision will be removed from the APPM, therefore this provides Course Coordinators with an opportunity to critically review their exam as fit for purpose assessment.  

Policy Considerations

The Assessment Policy and Procedures Manual (APPM) allows for variation to assessments under certain situations, however steps must be taken to ensure students are aware of these changes and do not experience disadvantage. 


APPM Clause 2.1.3 Once the course outline has been made available to students, the contents must not be changed unless this is necessary for the integrity of assessment, or due to unforeseen factors such as staff illness. Course coordinators are responsible for discussing proposed changes with students, and must attempt to minimise disruption or disadvantage arising from the changes. If changes are made, the course coordinator must re-publish the course outline to the learnonline course site. Students will be automatically notified by email when a course outline is re-published. 

Minor Changes to Assessment

In many cases the way in which an assessment is delivered can be changed in accordance with APPM Clause 2.1.3 without the need for additional formal approval processes resulting in no change to PCMS. For example, a Presentation which was to be given in a face-to-face class, can be submitted as a video and assessed. The Matrix of Online Tools lists traditional face-to-face assessment and alternate options for delivery in the online environment. If support is required, TIU Academic Developers or Online Educational Designers can be consulted – online consultation via the online booking system 

Process for modifying assessment mode

If changing assessment mode: 

  1. Review the current on-campus assessment and online options and consider an appropriate alternative. If support is required, TIU Academic Developers or Online Educational Designers can be consulted – online consultation via the online booking system. 
  2. Students consultation must take place; this may be via an email notice to all students in the course.  
  3. Amendments in assessment mode must be approved by the Program Director. 
  4. Course Coordinators must re-publish the Course Outline with the updated assessment information. 
  5. Assessment information (instructions) must be clearly summarised in the learnonline course site.

To process a minor change in assessment, please complete the minor_abcd1234 form (26KB) in consultation with your Program Director and an Online Educational Designer (if required). Please return the form to the Dean of Programs and Program Services team. Please ensure you rename the file to include your course code in place of ABCD1234. 

Major Changes to Assessment 

This expedited approval process has been temporarily put in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Assessment Amendment Approval form is for changes to assessment that require an update to PCMS. These changes will be approved outside the normal University timelines and processes. Such changes may include

  • Change of exam duration, e.g. from 3 hours to 2 hours
  • Change in assessment type, e.g. Exam to Essay
  • Change in assessment weighting
  • Change in number of assessments (refer to APPM Section 1.2.5)
  • Change in Learning Objectives (LOs) assessed

All changes must be made prior to Census date (refer to 2020 Academic Calendar).

Process for modifying assessment type  

If such a change in assessment is required:

  1. Discuss all assessment changes with your Program Director (PD). 
  • If the assessment required a change in type, review the online options and consider an appropriate mode to suit the proposed assessment type. Review the table on the TIU website which lists traditional face-to-face assessment and alternate options for delivery in the online environment.
  • If the assessment requires a change in duration, weighting, LOs assessed, or a change in assessment number, consult your PD and Dean of Programs.
  1. The educational rationale for the change in assessment must be discussed with your Dean of Programs, and if required an Academic Developer in the TIU (booking can be made via the online booking system).
  2. Student consultation must take place; this may be via an email notice to all students in the course (APPM Section 2.1.3).
  3. Amendments to assessment must be approved by the Dean of Programs on behalf of the Provost and Chief Academic Officer.
  4. Amendments in assessment must be published in PCMS. Out of timeline amendments in PCMS will be co-ordinated by the local PCMS Administrators and SAS.
  5. Course Coordinators must re-publish the Course Outline with the updated assessment information (APPM Section 2.1.3).
  6. Assessment information (instructions) must be clearly summarised in the learnonline course site.
  7. A copy of this approval form must be filed for future reference

To process a major change in assessment, please complete the major_abcd1234 form (31KB).

Message from TEQSA  

TEQSA is taking to reduce regulatory burden while Universities grapple with the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.   

TEQSA are committed to supporting our efforts as we respond and adapt to the challenges. 

TEQSA has a range of strategies to support Universities, including ongoing flexibility with regard to limitations on online delivery to international studentsA summary of all strategies can be found on their website.