Revised Conditions

Considering the current COVID-19 restrictions, and health and wellbeing concerns for students and staff, all exams will be conducted online. This provision reflects the large numbers of students and staff that would need to be in the same place for exams to take place, and the difficulty of ensuring comprehensive social distancing and wellbeing protocols in large venues.  

The Teaching Innovation Unit (TIU) have updated guides and support resources regarding academic integrity, writing exam questions and learnonline help (including short videos) to guide you through the process. 

Course Coordinators and Program Directors are required to review their assessment arrangements prior to Census date. 

Remember your exam should not try to assess everything in your course and the questions you ask should require higher-order thinking skills. Additional advice is included in Writing exam questions. 

All final exams are to be scheduled by SAS to allow exam load balancing for students and the learnonline system. Where exams are not scheduled by SAS, learning and teaching data will be reviewed to identify courses with exams to ensure appropriate support is provided.

There is no invigilation* of online exams, making them effectively an open book assessment. Students, however, should approach them as they would any other invigilated closed book exam.

This means your exam should be written knowing that students may access texts and other materials. Additional advice is included in Academic integrity and Writing exam questions.

*Does not apply to exams pre-approved for invigilation.

Questions written for an online exam in learnonline cannot and should not be re-used in subsequent exams including supplementary and deferred exams as these questions will technically be in the ‘public’ domain and may be shared during, or after the exam.

All exams are to be delivered via a learnonline quiz. The ‘Assignment’* activity in learnonline can be used instead of the quiz, however this is not recommended as it increases the risk of system issues resulting from simultaneous file uploads. See the learnonline exam guides for support on creating your online exam.

A practice exam is also required for students to orient themselves to the learnonline quiz and to check for any technical issues. 

Publisher imposed user-limits on library held etextbooks may affect simultaneous access for multiple users so it is also recommended that exam questions are not reliant on students being able to access e-textbooks during the exam.

Course Coordinators must be available online, logged in to their email and have their mobile phone on throughout the duration of the exam. Specific instructions for students about who to contact and how must be added to the course site before SWOT-VAC. See the learnonline exam guide Required text on course sites with an Online Exam.

In the event of a system outage (ranging from a temporary loss of internet connection to full learnonline system outage) the IT Help Desk will contact you via phone or SMS. The course of action for various impact scenarios, in addition to the communication strategy, is summarised in the Exam impact document 

It is important you keep this phone or mobile line free during the exam period should the IT Help Desk need to contact you urgently regarding your exam.

You may be asked to apply an exam extension to an individual student, or the entire class, in the event of disruptions during the exam. The How to extend the time for students due to a system disruption guide includes how to grant an individual and global extension.