Writing exam questions

This guide covers the following:  

  • Levels of ‘knowledge’, question examples and types 
  • Writing effective MCQ’s 
  • Presenting quiz questions online 

This is a condensed version of the guide Writing Effective Quiz Questions (see Teaching & Learning Guides). In this condensed version the focus is on immediate practical application. The full guide provides further pedagogical rationale and additional resources. 

Writing quiz questions (pdf)

This guide describes the main questions types in an online quiz, plus tips on randomization. 

  • Description question 
  • Multiple Choice Questions 
  • True/False Questions 
  • Essay Questions – including adding a file/image as part of the question 

Question types in an online quiz (pdf)

This guide is for course coordinators and peer reviewers to understand what is involved in the peer review of an online exam that is being delivered using the quiz tool.

Peer review of online quiz exams (pdf)

One of your concerns may be about how to write exam questions that promote learning and academic integrity in an open-book exam. You may regularly hear about students colluding or being involved in academic integrity breaches. Watch these two Panopto presentations on ‘Writing Exam Questions to Promote Learning and Academic Integrity’.

Presentation 1 - How we can promote learning and academic integrity through question design

Presentation 2 - 
Examples of question types and which among these will work in an open-book exam