Frequently asked questions

Zoom FAQ

As a tutor, why can't I start the Zoom session?

Edit the Zoom activity in Moodle and add the tutor as alternative host 


Make sure the course coordinator is not having their own Zoom session at the same time. 

What if my session drops out? 

Tell students your plan at the beginning, e.g. If the session drops out, wait 2 mins whilst I try to reconnect. If this still doesn’t work I will email/post in the forum what to do next. 

I can't add students to break out rooms, why not?

There are several possibilities that can cause this:

  1. Students who joined the session via their internet browser can’t be added to breakout rooms. If you plan to run breakout rooms, tell students beforehand they must download the app.
  2. Students who arrive late can’t be added to existing breakout rooms. Always create 1-2 extra breakout rooms to add late-comers to. Alternatively leave the late comers in the main room and make that their breakout room. 

Why is the writing displayed back to front when I use the Doc Cam?

Enable Mirror Effect in video settings. 

Why did I lose the menu in a shared screen?

There are a range of keyboard shortcuts in Zoom, If you accidentally action the Hide Floating Meeting Controls in a Shared view don’t panic, just use the Escape key on your keyboard and the controls will return.

Why can't my students hear the audio for a video in a shared screen?

Pause the video stop sharing. Select Share again but this time select the Share computer sound box in the bottom left of the share window. Proceed and restart the video.  See Zoom help.

How do I create new ‘pages’ in a Zoom Whiteboard?

Use the page controls in the bottom-right corner of the whiteboard to create new pages and switch between pages.

Switch between pages image

  • Note: Only the participant or host that started sharing the whiteboard has access to create and switch pages.

How can I address a hacker or inappropriate behaviour in a Zoom session? 

For more serious concerns, you can close a meeting at any point. There are also a range of settings available to increase the visibility of participants and control who attends a session, see the help resource. Please report any external access to the IT HelpDesk.  

If there is a need to remove a participant from a Zoom meeting, simply follow these steps: 

  1. If the Participants panel is not visible, click Manage Participants at the bottom of the Zoom window. 
  2. Next to the person you want to remove, click More. 
  3. From the list that appears, click Remove. 

Note: The below options remove some interaction that students or participants have, depending on your use-case, these might not always be desirable.

  • Turn off Annotation
    Zoom Annotation is a great feature, but there are times when you may not want your participants to have the ability to annotate on your screen share. 
    To disable the Annotation feature during a meeting, in the Zoom control bar select More >  Disable participants annotation. 
    This will prevent them from marking up the screen while you are sharing it.
  • Removing Annotations in the session
    It’s easy to clear any Participant annotations that were made by navigating to the Zoom control bar and selecting Annotate > Clear > Clear Viewers’ Drawings.
  • Controlled participant Screen Sharing
    As a default, only a Zoom meeting Host can share their screen. If you would like any of your participants to share their screen, please follow these steps (Host only): 
    • 1. Select the up arrow to the right of Share
    • 2. Select Advanced Sharing Options...
    • 3. Select All Participants (or just the participant you wish to share their screen) under Who can share?

How do I set up a Zoom meeting in learnonline? 

Please watch this video which works through how to add a Zoom session to your learnonline course site.  Alternatively, there is also a quick guide staff help page. 

How do schedule a Zoom meeting outside of learnonline? 

If tutors want to create their own Zoom tutorial , they will need to login to their Zoom portal either by following this link, or by opening their Zoom desktop application. Then follow the instructions on the staff help page for scheduling a meeting. 

NoteCourse Coordinators should be adding Zoom tutorial sessions in their learnonline course sites. 

How can I send all students the link to the Zoom session? 

If you set up the Zoom session in learnonline the students will be able to access the link on the course page. However, you may want to send all students a message via your news forum outlining how to access the session or add the link to take them directly there. You can also copy the Zoom invitation and send it via email. Instructions for how to do this are on the staff help page. 

When should Zoom sessions be recorded?

Zoom is best used for interaction and engagement (such as Q&A, live student presentations etc) and should not be to replace presentations that can be recorded by other means (such as Panopto). Purpose recorded presentations are more likely to be re-usable in future offerings and have a longer shelf life without the issue of obtaining participant permissions to re-use, or trying to edit out participants after the fact.

Recording a Zoom session, or portion of a session,  to add to your course site is useful where there is information being shared that is specific to a course offering or project task, is time sensitive (eg Q&A for an assessment or collaborative project task that will benefit students who were unable to attend). These recordings would typically only be made available to the students in the course site for the offering in which they are recorded.

If you think your session fits these requirements, you can record your by clicking on Record at the bottom of the meeting screen. There are further instructions on recording a Zoom session on this page. 

Do I need to advise students we are recording? And what do I say?

The host/scheduler of the meeting can record, if you plan to record follow the below instruction:

  1. Set up the recording disclaimer in your Zoom settings at Enabling this setting will prompt students to provide their consent to be recorded in a session. 
  2. Advise students the session will be recorded and do this both verbally AND in the chat. It's useful to add this as a PPT slide if you're using slides, in order to remind yourself.
  3. Tell students video, audio, shared screens and chats are recorded.
  4. Ask students to turn off their video and mute their mics until they are called on to contribute (this depends on how you run the session).
  5. When you want a general discussion use the gallery view with all video/mics on but remember this will all be recorded.
  6. Any recording which may identify students can only be added to the course site for that offering in which the video was made. The video cannot be included in any medium available to the public.

Note: If you upload the recording to Panopto, you can edit any parts you don’t want before adding to your course site.

Should I record to my computer or the cloud?

We recommend you record to your computer, then upload into Panopto and share to learnonline. Recording will be saved to a Zoom folder on your computer which is auto created when you install Zoom. You get 2 versions, audio (MP3) only and AV (MP4) - upload the MP4 version. 

Can my tutors add their own meeting on the learnonline course site? 

No. Unfortunately sometimes your tutors won’t have editing access in your course. As the course coordinator you can either: 

  • Use the Schedule for function to allow your tutors to schedule meetings on your behalf. For instructions on how to do this visit the staff help page. 
  • You can assign your tutor as an alternative host. However, there are some limitations. Find out how to assign an alternative host by visiting the staff help page. 
  • Alternatively, yoututor can establish the meeting using their own Zoom portal, share the URL with you and you can make it available on the course site.   

Why can’t I add a tutor as an alternative host?

The person you are trying to add as an alternative host first needs to associate their staff account by signing in at Once they have done this, you will be able to add them as an alternate host. 

How do I upload files to Zoom to share during our class session?

Actually, you don’t. Zoom’s main feature is dynamic sharing of content rather than burdening the system with uploading files. See the ‘Share’ help resource.

You can share files through the Chat function if it's enabled.

Is there a way to get a record of attendance for my Zoom meeting? 

Yes, but reports of this nature are only available if you are the host of the meeting. To find out how to get a record of attendance, visit the staff help page. 

Can I run my lectures using Zoom? 

You can but it is not recommended. Zoom is useful for providing a space for teacher and student interactions. As lectures are mostly for the delivery of information, it is recommended that you use Panopto to record and store your lecture presentations. To learn more about recording with Panopto visit the staff help page. 

Is there a Zoom support resource I can send my students to? 

There is support for students using Zoom on the learnononline Help course site. From there, students can also download a PDF quick guide. 

Do I need a headset, or can I use the inbuilt speakers/microphone? 

To maintain a good sound quality for students, it is highly recommended that you use a headset when using Zoom. However, if you are unable to access a headset, you should be ok to use the inbuilt microphone/speakers of your computer. 

Can I host two Zoom meetings at the same time, or should I assign an alternative host to one of them? 

You cannot host two Zoom meetings at the same time. Also, an alternative host cannot run the meeting in the course site if the host is running a meeting at the same time anywhere else. Therefore, the tutor should set up their own meeting in the Zoom portal or alternatively, the course coordinator sets up the meeting at different time and adds the tutor as an alternative host.  

To learn more about the roles in Zoom you can visit the staff help page.  

I am hosting back to back Zoom sessions and Zoom won’t let me in to my second session.

I get the error message “You have a meeting that is currently in-progress. Please end it to start a new meeting?” What should I do? 

It may have to do with the way you finished the first session. Closing the window, or killing the session, may not send the right signal to the Zoom server. There will be a link in your Zoom session screen that says, "End meeting" and then, if you are the host, there is an extra window that appears and says "End meeting for allwhich you need to select. With this, Zoom formally terminates the session and you should be able to start your next session. 

It is important to note that, as a host, you cannot run two sessions concurrently. Therefore, you must formally finish one before starting another. 

If the session was setup by someone else, they may have another session in progress. 

How can I increase the security on a Zoom session? 

See the learnonline resource on customising security for your context. Consider turning off features like private chat or annotation if they are not required.   

I need more help with using Zoom. What support is available to me? 

There are Zoom support resources available on the learnonline Staff Help site. If you have specific unanswered questions, you could book an OED consult here. 

For technical questions contact the 


How can I manage my participants/students in the Zoom session? 

As the host of the session you can manage the participants. You can choose to allow, or not allow, your participants to use video, audio and chat. For more information on how to manage your participants visit the Zoom help page. 

How do I share my screen? 

You can share your screen by clicking on the ‘Share Screen’ icon at the bottom of the meeting. For more information on sharing your screen and managing your participants ability to share their screen, visit the staff help page or the Zoom support page. 

How can I change the video layout? 

There are 3 video layouts to choose from. To learn more about each of them visit the staff support page. 

What are breakout rooms and how do I manage them? 

Breakout rooms are a way of grouping participants within your Zoom session. This can be useful for establishing smaller discussion groups. For more information on Zoom breakout rooms visit the staff support page. 

After a breakout room activity, how can students share their work to the main room? 


Students can use the whiteboard feature. At the end of the breakout session the student who created the whiteboard can save it to their computer (defaults as a png image). 

When all students have returned to the main room you can call upon the student to then share their saved whiteboard image. 

  • Note: before starting the breakout room ask students to appoint someone who will create the whiteboard and talk to it on behalf of the group. 


Students can only see the chat for their breakout room so they could use this to collaborate. Have the spokesperson save the chat to their computer before the breakout rooms end so they can have it as notes. 

Word, Excel, PDF etc 

You could upload a file in the chat before launching the breakout rooms. In each room a student downloads the file and screen shares then the group annotate the file. Spokesperson saves the file to share back in the main room. 

Can I get students to annotate a document or slides? 

Yes you can. To find out more about using annotation tools visit the Zoom support page. 

Can I leave students in the Zoom session to chat? 

Not recommended. You can only have one Zoom session running at a time. UniSA students have access to create their own Zoom session with peers, more information available online.

How do I set up quick polls during a Zoom session? 

Once you open the zoom session you will see the Poll function in the bottom menu. You can only create quick on-the-fly type polls in session. 

How do I create polls ahead of starting the Zoom session? 

Full details available online with Zoom.

  1. Go to 
  2. Sign in.
  3. Select Schedule a New Meeting or edit an existing one. 
  4. In the new window that opens fill in all the fields like the name, time etc. 
  5. Select Save at the bottom. 
  6. Another window will open – scroll to the bottom. 
  7. You will see “you have not created any poll yet”. 
  8. In that box select Add. 
  9. Now you can create your polls. Note, use the +Add a Question link to keep adding polls before you Save. 
  10. Now when you start your Zoom session the polls you just added will be there. 

How can I upload my recorded Zoom session to Panopto? 

  • If recorded locally, Zoom will process the video after the session and will display the location of the video on your computer when the processing is finished 
  • Upload the .mp4 file to Panopto following the instructions in Upload video & audio 
  • The video can then be shared with an embed code to your course with the Embed a video or folder information.

How can tutors share the recording of a Zoom Session with the course coordinator? 

If your tutors have arranged the Zoom session from their account, the recording will be attached to them. They may have saved the recording to their computer or they may have saved it to the cloud. Ask your tutors to upload the recorded version to their Panopto account. To share it with you, they will need to change the ‘Share’ settings of the video to ‘Unlisted’. Within the share settings they can copy the link to the video and send it to you.  

Note: If your tutor was the alternative host to the Zoom session, the recording will have saved to the hosts account. To find out more, please visit this staff help page. 

I don't have a webcam, is there another option? 

An android smartphone can be used as a webcam for your PC by installing an app called 'DroidCam' on your phone. With the app installed and configured you can use it as a webcam for Zoom, Skype for Business and for recording video and audio for Panopto. Follow these instructions to install and configure the app 'DroidCam' on your smartphone and connect it to your workstation. 


How do I help students stick to a study plan?

Try to post things to learnonline at the same time each week. For example:

Monday morning 

  1. Record a short video of what students should be doing for the upcoming week 
  2. Include some pastoral care in your message, reminder of counselling etc 
  3. Review any forums and ensure you have answered all queries 
  4. Summarise these queries and answers in your video 

Scheduled lecture time 

  1. Make sure your (preferably chunked) lecture videos are recorded in Panopto and add to learnonline at or before the normally scheduled lecture time 
  2. Encourage students to watch the lecture at the same time as if they were on campus 

How can I adjust practicals for online work?

Some different ideas are:

  • Record yourself doing the practical activity (e.g. measuring something) and upload to Panopto. Include the theory that you would have said during the practical along with the video in learnonline. Create a word/excel document with lots of different (measurement) results for students to work through. 
  • Have students work in e.g. Matlab then use Zoom/Skype to share their screens if they have problems working through the tasks. 
  • Try the app “Explain Everything – students follow along on paper if appropriate e.g. maths calculations. They then use the green tick status in zoom when they have finished and are ready to share their answers.

For example ITEE have this remote electronics labs   


What should I do if no one is answering my questions?

Don’t be afraid of the silence. Give students time to think about your question/prompt. Perhaps have a power point slide with “thinking time” or a clock image open on your computer that you can quickly share to indicate this is “thinking time”.

How can I write on paper and share with a webcam?

Select the Share icon/Advanced, then select Content from 2nd camera. This is an example of someone doing this:




Panopto FAQ

How do I download and install the Panopto Recorder? 

The Panopto recorder can be downloaded by clicking “Download Panopto” in the top-right-hand corner of the Panopto Web App. The Panopto Help Video titled “Downloading and Installing the Panopto Recorder” on this page explains this in more detail. 

How do I use the Panopto Recorder? What are my options for recording/livestreaming? 

There are many different options and settings in the Panopto recorder and there are a few things that you must to make sure your video is clear, audible, and saved in the correct place. The Panopto Help Video titled “Setting Up the Panopto Recorder (for Recording or Livestream)” on this page explains this in more detail. The two videos underneath this one (“Recording a Video Using Panopto” and “Livestreaming a Video Using Panopto”) are the next steps depending on what you want to do. 

Is there an online teleprompter I can use? is a free online teleprompter that can be helpful for recording scripted direct to camera videos. 

How do I edit a video? Do I need experience in video editing?

The Panopto editor is designed for people who have never edited a video before. It is run through your web browser so you don’t need any extra software. You can access the Panopto editor by finding the video in the Panopto Web App and clicking the “Edit” button. The Panopto Help Video playlist titled “Using the Panopto Editor (Playlist)” on this page explains how to edit your videos. 

What features does the Panopto editor have? What can I add to my video? 

The Panopto editor has several extra features such as adding quizzes, webpages, YouTube videos, and other full Panopto videos, into your video. The Panopto Help Video playlist titled “Using the Panopto Editor (Playlist)” on this page contains videos on how to add in these extra features. 

Do I need to worry about the share settings in Panopto? 

If your video is being hosted in the appropriate course folder - no, you can share it freely. If your video is being hosted anywhere else (eg. Your ‘My Folder’) - yes, you will need to change some settings. ThPanopto Help Video titled “Share Settings in Panopto” on this page explains this in more detail. 

How do I link/embed a video into my course? 

You can copy the link or embed code of the video via the Panopto Web App. The Panopto Help Video titled “Linking/Embedd” on this page explains this in more detail. If your video is stored in the appropriate Panopto course folder, you can also click on the ‘Panopto Button’ (looks like a circle made of folded green tape) in the Moodle editor and click on the video there to embed it. 

What is Panopto? 

Panopto is a recording software, an online editing tool, and a multi-function video hosting platform. With Panopto, anyone can record, edit, and share videos from any computer with internet access. This page contains a series of Panopto Help Videos that explain how you can use Panopto to make/manage content in your course. 

Does Panopto work on Mac? 

Panopto works on both Mac and PC. The Panopto Web App functions the same on both platforms but the Panopto Recorder has a different interface depending on what platform it is running on (although they both have the same capabilities)The Panopto Help Video titled “Setting Up the Panopto Recorder (for Recording and Livestream)” on this page explains how to set up the Panopto Recorder on Windows. There is a separate video for doing this on Macs currently in production, but the PC video will explain the basics well enough for you to use the Mac Recorder. You can also book a 1 on 1 Panopto consultation via Zoom (link at the top of this page) if you need the Recorder explained further (for PC or Mac). 

I’m having problems using Panopto, what can I do? 

This page contains a series of Panopto Help Videos that explain how you can use Panopto to make/manage content in your course. At the top of this same page, you can follow the link to book a 1 on 1 Panopto consultation via Zoom. Or, you can send an email to with your question. 

How do I look through the videos in Panopto? How do I find my course folder? 

You can access the Panopto Web App by going to the Panopto Web App and searching for the folder(s) relevant to you. The Panopto Help Video titled “Navigating the Panopto Web App” on this page explains this in more detail. 

I don’t have access to a course folder, what do I do? 

Send an email to including the name and course code of the course you need access to and you will be granted access.