Professional Development in Teaching

The Teaching Innovation Unit has developed resources and workshops to provide professional development in teaching to all UniSA staff. 

You are invited to explore what’s on offer to see what may be of benefit to you and your colleagues, be they academic or professional. The program will address a range of topics under the following themes:

Each theme begins with a self-paced introductory module that explains core concepts and how these concepts link to Teaching and Learning policies at UniSA. At the end of each Introductory module there are 3-4 review questions that we hope will reinforce key ideas. If you complete the review questions you will be issued a certificate of completion. As new workshops are developed they will be added to these themes.

The Professional Certificate in University Teaching is offered for the first time in 2021. Importantly, the completion of these modules will be recognised as a component of the Professional Certificate.


Face-to-face workshops are available to people who have completed the introductory modules and wish to further develop their courses and teaching. Please contact the TIU to arrange.

A full list of workshops offered by the TIU can be found HERE.