Scholarship of teaching and learning


The scholarship of teaching and learning is conceptualised by Kreber (2005) as “the practical, intellectual and critical work done by university teachers that facilitates student development toward significant educational goals.” [1]

At the University of South Australia, successful engagement in the scholarship of teaching involves the following elements:

  • Being a reflective teacher Gathering data about your teaching activity, analysing this, and reflecting upon it in a critical manner to improve your own  practice.
  • Being a scholarly teacher Engaging with the discussion and debates about teaching in the literature, including that contributed by scholars in your own discipline, and using this to shape your own practice. (Click here to access discipline education journals; Word doc, 60 KB)
  • Contributing to the scholarship of teaching Presenting your own analysis of teaching based on relevant data which you have related to the work of others, and inviting your peers to critique and comment upon the contribution you are making to a better understanding of teaching and learning.

[1]  Kreber, C. (2005). ‘Charting a critical course on the scholarship of university teaching movement’. Studies in Higher Education 30(4):389-405, p. 392