Learning Analytics

Your institutional membership has enabled SoLAR to grow into the mature Society it is today with ongoing individual and institutional memberships.  SoLAR continues to support the growth of the learning analytics field and students via scholarships and events.

1. Unlimited staff and student memberships

As an institutional member an unlimited number of your staff and students can join SoLAR without charge. Every individual MUST join in order to receive the unique membership ID required for discounted rates for LAK, participation at LASI and to nominate for and/or serve on the Executive Committee. 

Below is your UNIQUE institutional code for you to distribute to your staff and students to join SoLAR via the online membership system: 



link to a PDF with screenshots to assist users for their individual and student memberships. 

2. Institutional Member Roundtable

During the 10th Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference (LAK20) to be held at the Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany on March, 23-27, 2020