learnonline suite


learnonline provides an integrated suite of software applications used to deliver quality technology enhanced learning. 

Applications include:

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Moodle (modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment) is the software application used to create a unique learnonline course site for each offering of a course. Students enrolled in the course will gain automatic access which is retained for one year after the conclusion of the course. Moodle is an open source software application that UniSA has customised to meet the unique learning and teaching needs of the University. Moodle course sites are the central access point for students and bring together other learnonline software applications to create a rich interactive learning environment. Assessment submission and extension requests are also managed through the Moodle course site.



learnonline Gradebook has undergone significant enhancement to enable UniSA requirements for assessment submission, marking and return. Staff and students can both manage assignment submission and return through a common software interface. The text comparison software Turnitin is seamlessly integrated with Gradebook and all text based assignments are automatically submitted to Turnitin. The Turnitin similarity report is published to Gradebook and can be accessed by staff and students.

Gradebook functionality includes the capacity to:



Turnitin is an online tool used to promote academic integrity at the University of South Australia. Turnitin can be used to verify the originality of any text document. Assignments uploaded to learnonline are automatically submitted to Turnitin for text comparison with millions of other documents in the Turnitin database and on the Internet.



Panopto is the software application that underpins the UniSA Lecture Recording System (LRS). Panopto has many new features to assist UniSA staff with recording and editing educational videos. Panopto recordings will remain available online in the UniSA video platform for three years after publication.


Panopto Desktop Recorder

Panopto provides an easy way to created quality interactive media. UniSA staff can download the Panopto recorder for use on campus or at home. The recorder is used to create supplementary learning resources that can include:

  • presenter video
  • presenter audio
  • PowerPoint
  • desktop capture
  • quizzes
  • inserted links
  • inserted YouTube video
  • attach a PDF file
  • captions
  • student discussion

Panopto Automated lecture Recording System (LRS)

Panopto is installed in 38 lecture theatres and will automatically start recording scheduled lectures 10 minutes past the hour and stop recording on the hour. The lecture video is processed automatically and then published to the learnonline course sites. Students can access the video via the Lecture Recordingsicon in the course menu. Lecturers can edit the video once it is published if they wish to cut sections, add chapter heading, include captions or quizzes.

Online streaming of lectures Using Panopto

You can still reach your students and deliver an online lecture. Panopto allows you to livestream, or webcast, and record that content for student access at a later date. You can deliver your lecture from anywhere with an internet connection.


UniSA Media Library

The UniSA Media Library (formerly Helix) is for student video submissions. Students can upload media assignments to the Media Library to add media to discussion forums, wikis and ePortfolio pages. Their media is presented in a web player for streaming and can also be downloaded.


Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom is powered by Zoom, a video conferencing technology that provides an online environment,  in which students and teachers can collaborate in real time. Audio, video, images and a range of interactive tools can be used to replicate a face to face classroom interaction. Zoom is a web-based video conferencing tool with a local, desktop client and a mobile app that allows users to meet online, with or without video. Zoom users can choose to record sessions, collaborate on projects, and share or annotate on one another's screens, all with one easy-to-use platform.

Interactive tools include:



ePortfolio is powered by Mahara, an open source software application accessed from learnonline course sites. ePortfolio is a student's personal online space for collecting and recording academic, professional and life experiences with text, photo, video, music and multimedia. Students can use it to build a resume, publish a blog, showcase achievements and academic knowledge or simply network with friends and colleagues. A body of evidence can be created, reflecting a students aspirations, achievements and learning experiences during their time at UniSA. Material can then be reassembled for Web presentation to target audiences or the world. ePortfolio is an invaluable learning resource for students while studying at UniSA and following graduation as they shape their careers. ePortfolio is also available to all UniSA staff.


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