Billie-Jo Barbara
MBA & Master of Human Resource Management
William & Mary Exchange participant

‘This opportunity was truly once in a lifetime, with access to executive leaders from around the world who are either alumni of the College, or have chosen to give back to this prestigious university. As a now executive leader in the NSW government I have often used stories or learnings from my time at the EPP at William and Mary with colleagues and my leadership team.  I would encourage any student thinking of applying to not hesitate -– it will broaden your thinking and perspective and leave you with an executive partner and peer network that you will stay connected with for years to come.’

Vicki Beard
Master of Human Resource Management
HR Consultant, Vicki Beard Consulting

'The Executive Partners Program, in its inaugural year, was extremely valuable to me. The invitation to participate was a wonderful reward and recognition for the effort required to achieve the benchmark grade average required to participate in the Program, and it was great to meet with the other students on several occasions. I soon discovered the very real and long term benefit was the concept behind the Program, the experience of being partnered with a fabulous mentor. My mentor experience with Michelle Bentley, General Manager, Donington SA involved many great meetings where Michelle gave her expertise, encouragement and advice freely and genuinely, where together we challenged my status-quo and discussed ways I could improve in the areas I wished to. Although my taking part in the Executive Partner Program has come to a formal end, I feel the relationships forged will remain long into the future. I sincerely thank those who have organised the Executive Partner Program so well, and hope that it continues to become a highly revered and established Program for UniSA.'

Karen Brindle
Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management
Student Service Advisor, UniSA Business School

'The Executive Partners Program was a great experience for me. I was able to network and meet many new students in the same position as me, studying and trying to break into their desired career field. My mentor was great, we met regularly and gave me the confidence and insight to push myself forward in trying new things to help better myself to be successful in gaining a role. I highly recommend the Program, it was a great experience, giving me the boost I needed to focus on getting the results I need.'

Mim Foulkes
Master of Human Resource Management
William & Mary Exchange participant

‘For me, this exchange was THE BEST thing I have ever done both personally and professionally. This experience has a lot packed into it, and is not for the faint hearted, however, if you allow yourself to take advantage of this unique gift, you will have an amazing time and learn so very much. I can’t thank the UniSA Executive Partners Program enough for enabling me to have this wonderful experience’

Aisha Jasper
Master of Management (Arts and Cultural Management)
Marketing Coordinator, Australian Dance Council - Ausdance inc

'Beginning a career is a challenge for everyone. When you add being completely new to Australia, Adelaide and a close-knit community like The Arts, it can seem overwhelming and near impossible. With the Executive Partner Program, I was able to subside those challenges with a mentor figure direct from the Adelaide Arts community. The Program paired me with a mentor who has extensive expertise in my career field, has traveled the world and knows what it is like to be in a situation similar to mine. My partner has had such a breadth of career and life knowledge that I know she's able to give me advice direct from her own experiences. Most importantly, she's able to help me see the bigger picture of my career plan.'

Pusheela Jummun
William & Mary Exchange participant

‘Being chosen to study in one of the eight “public ivy league” colleges in the USA was like living a dream. I was very privileged and grateful to Peter McInnes who was instrumental in making this life time experience happen for me. To anyone who is thinking of applying for this exchange I would say: “Don’t think twice, give it your best shot and if you are selected make the most of it as it is such an enriching and valuable experience that will stay with you forever.”’

Julie Kostiw
Master of Human Resource Management
UniSA Business School

'It was an honour to be invited to participate in the EPP as part of the first group or intake to the program. I was partnered with a mentor who willingly gave his time to support me. We arranged a number of meetings in which we discussed projects I was involved with at that time in my Masters unit and also at my worksite. He was able to provide valuable input and guidance about the successes and pitfalls he experienced in similar situations. On completing my time in the program, I have still kept in contact with my mentor on an occasional basis, and have been fortunate enough to hear him speak at an industry launch in recent times and it is always a pleasure to touch base with him at the event.

'Another significant benefit I found was that other mentors who came from different areas of business were also open to the possibility to engage in conversations at gatherings or one or one where they could. It can be extremely difficult as a University student who is not already working in business to come across these types of contacts. The program enabled me to expand my network of contacts not only with mentors but also amongst the students particularly through the opportunities and invitations to gather offered by those coordinating the EPP. I still keep in contact with some of the group today. 

I am extremely grateful to Peter who coordinated the program and all those involved in the program as I found it extremely beneficial. Since completing my studies I have agreed to mentor other university students as I know firsthand the difference guidance, coaching and professional dialogue can make.

Kat Moo
Graduate Diploma in Management
Purchasing Officer, SITA Australia

'The Executive Partners Program for me was very helpful with guidance from a very experienced mentor, in relation to career path development and networking. Their views on the link between studies and actual real world applications is something that students like to draw upon, as often it can seem to be very disjointed within the students mind. To be given an opportunity to be a part of the EP Program, will forever be cherished and valued throughout my career development.'

Sarah Patrick
Business Double Masters
Student Advisor, UniSA Business School

'The Executive Partners Program has provided me with so many exciting and challenging opportunities. I have been amazed by the wealth of experience available to me through successful industry professionals and academics. The seminars and social events are a great time to network, learn and discuss ideas in a supportive and dynamic environment'. 'This has been such a positive experience and I feel very fortunate to be involved in this tight-knit community.'

Helena Wu
William & Mary Exchange Participant

‘The exchange was a fantastic cultural immersion. The College of William and Mary is located in Williamsburg, a part of the ‘historic triangle’ region steeped with America’s colonial history. In three short weeks, I met countless people from all walks of life, each striving to make a difference in the business world or within their communities. For those interested in applying for this opportunity – I truly believe it is an experience that could change your outlook on life, or even your life itself. Grab the opportunity with both hands.’