College of William and Mary student exchange

The UniSA Business School is proud of its partnership with the College of William & Mary. Located in Williamsburg, Virginia, William & Mary is the second oldest college established in the USA (after Harvard) and its business School, the Mason School of Business, is highly ranked globally.

Our Executive Partners Program is modelled on the innovative program offered by the Mason School of Business, and each year since 2013, the College has hosted two UniSA Business School postgraduate students. Over the course of three weeks (usually in October/November), our students are engaged in student and academic life on campus, and have the option to undertake a Career Acceleration Module (CAM), undertaking a real-world business project as part of a multidisciplinary team. They are also matched with a senior business executive who is part of the Mason School of Business’s Executive Partners network, who provide invaluable industry perspectives and advice. There is also ample time to learn about American history and culture, and to visit historic sites in Virginia and nearby Washington DC.

Established in 2017, the Peter McInnes Memorial Travel Grant is awarded to those UniSA Business School postgraduate students who are successful in their application to join the College of William & Mary intensive global exchange experience. This grant honours Mr Peter McInnes, who led our Executive Partners Program until he sadly passed away in November 2017 from cancer – a disease that touches us all. It recognises his commitment to helping students realise their full potential, to gain international perspectives and experiences, and to build lifelong professional relationships and friendships with industry leaders.

Click here to learn more about this life-changing opportunity, including eligibility, the application process, and funding to support your participation.

Testimonials from returned students

‘Being chosen to study in one of the eight “public ivy league” colleges in the USA was like living a dream. I was very privileged and grateful to Peter McInnes who was instrumental in making this life time experience happen for me. To anyone who is thinking of applying for this exchange I would say: “Don’t think twice, give it your best shot and if you are selected make the most of it as it is such an enriching and valuable experience that will stay with you forever.”’

Pusheela Jummun (2016 exchange)

‘This opportunity was truly once in a lifetime, with access to executive leaders from around the world who are either alumni of the College, or have chosen to give back to this prestigious university. As a now executive leader in the NSW government I have often used stories or learnings from my time at the EPP at William and Mary with colleagues and my leadership team.  I would encourage any student thinking of applying to not hesitate -– it will broaden your thinking and perspective and leave you with an executive partner and peer network that you will stay connected with for years to come.’

Billie-Jo Barbara (2014 exchange)

‘For me, this exchange was THE BEST thing I have ever done both personally and professionally. This experience has a lot packed into it, and is not for the faint hearted, however, if you allow yourself to take advantage of this unique gift, you will have an amazing time and learn so very much. I can’t thank the UniSA Executive Partners Program enough for enabling me to have this wonderful experience’

Mim Foulkes (2017 exchange)

‘The exchange was a fantastic cultural immersion. The College of William and Mary is located in Williamsburg, a part of the ‘historic triangle’ region steeped with America’s colonial history. In three short weeks, I met countless people from all walks of life, each striving to make a difference in the business world or within their communities. For those interested in applying for this opportunity – I truly believe it is an experience that could change your outlook on life, or even your life itself. Grab the opportunity with both hands.’

Helena Wu (2017 exchange)