College of William and Mary student exchange

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a member of the Executive Partner Program
  • Have completed a minimum of 9 units of study
  • Cannot have failed more than 9 units of study
  • Have at least 4.5 units of study remaining
  • Gained approval from your Program Director
  • Be available during the three week exchange period in Oct/Nov
  • Submit an application and attend an interview
  • Possess a passport
  • Be able to obtain any necessary visa approval/documentation prior to departure
  • Be able to pay any additional costs that this grant funding does not cover
  • Enrol in Special Topics (BUSS 5338) at UniSA and successfully complete three pieces of assessment.


To receive the grants, applicants must demonstrate a passion for their program, strong motivation to succeed, have clear future goals and be willing to act as an ambassador for the EPP.

Selection will be based on:

  • Meeting of eligibility requirements
  • Academic merit
  • Quality of the application and interview
  • Strength of your ambassador traits

Enrolment and Assessment:

Successful students will enrol and gain course credit in Special Topics (BUSS 5338) towards their degree program. They are required to complete three pieces of assessment - one piece prior to departure, one while away, and one upon returning from your Exchange.


  • The Peter McInnes Memorial Travel Grant in the amount of $2500 will be awarded to each of the two students to put towards expenses such as travel and accommodation (in Virginia and Washington). The College of William and Mary may negotiate a modest accommodation charge at a local hotel. Apply for the Peter McInnes Memorial Travel Grant.
  • Each selected student will also be awarded an extra $2000 from UniSA International to put towards expenses during the three week exchange.
  • Please note that due to the above funding arrangements, students are not eligible to apply for the $1000 travel grant for short term study, placement or study tour from the Study Abroad Team.
  • Selected students will not need to pay tuition fees at the College of William and Mary but will be responsible for any expenses that the above mentioned funding does not cover.

Due to COVID-19 and the cancellation of international travel, this exchange opportunity is on hold until further notice.