Enterprise Skills

Graduate career ready with Enterprise Skills & Assurance of Learning (AoL)

To prepare you for a diverse future career, the UniSA Business School is committed to ensuring you graduate with a sound knowledge base and the skills employers are looking for in our graduates. These skills, better known as Enterprise Skills, will help prepare you for success regardless of field or industry.

Listen to industry professionals talk about how transferable skills will carry you throughout your career.

Develop your Enterprise Skills at UniSA Business School

Using the resources we have provided within all your business courses you can develop skills in:


Problem SolvingProblem Solving


Ethical AwarenessEthical Awareness


International PerspectiveInternational Perspective

Learn how we support your Enterprise Skills development through the Assurance of Learning (AoL) process in the FAQs below.

Get Started with Enterprise Skills Learnonline

To complement the development of Enterprise Skills as part of your studies, we have collected a series of online resources on the Enterprise Skills Learnonline site for business program students. These short, self-directed courses are accessible anytime, anywhere and are designed to lead you through the development levels, from foundation, to intermediate, to advanced.

  1. Login to Enterprise Skills Learnonline using your student details.
  2. View your Enterprise Skills development plan which is split by skillset and level.
  3. Select the skill/level which you are interested in – and the list of available resources will appear.


Log In to Enterprise Skills Learnonline

FAQs about Enterprise Skills & Assurance of Learning (AoL)

What is the relationship between Enterprise Skills and Assurance of Learning (AOL) and how does it work?

Enterprise Skills are the Program Learning Outcomes which the UniSA Business School has defined within its Assurance of Learning (AoL) processes. Assurance of Learning is the process of assessing the Program Learning Outcomes achieved by students, and using this data to inform curriculum improvements. The aim of the process is to ensure continuous improvements to what you learn in your formal study, and to support your Enterprise Skills development so you graduate ready for career success.


Why is the Assurance of Learning (AoL) process relevant for me?

The UniSA Business School is committed to improving the Program Learning Outcomes for our graduates through the ongoing AoL process. Employers continue to recognise that our graduates have the required Enterprise Skills they need to be successful in their employment.


How are Enterprise Skills integrated within my Program of study?

An Enterprise Skills development plan has been designed for all levels of study. Each plan maps out your development of each Enterprise Skill at the foundation, intermediate and advanced levels of your degree.

Enterprise Skills development and assessment are embedded in all business courses in your program of study. You can find the Enterprise Skills you are developing, including how they are being assessed, under the Course Objectives within the Course Outline.


What can I do to develop my Enterprise Skills?

Check which Enterprise Skills are being developed in a specific course by referring to the Course Objectives in your Course Outline and aim to demonstrate those Enterprise Skills within your course assignments. Additionally, work towards attaining the ‘advanced level’ across the skills before the end of your program.

For further self-development, see above for the login to the Enterprise Skills Learnonline site.

Enhance your Enterprise Skills experience before you graduate with other career development opportunities including mentoring and internships, as well as overseas study experiences.