Frequently asked questions


Pre Application

What is the Business Career Mentor Program?
The Business Career Mentor Program is an innovative scheme pairing UniSA Business students and recent graduates with experienced business professionals to enhance student employability. 

What is a mentor?
The purpose of a mentor is to act as a source of information regarding industry experience, knowledge and advice. A mentor can provide guidance relating to career planning, skill development, networking and job search techniques.

Why should I apply?
Having a mentor can be one of the most rewarding professional relationships you'll experience. If you're an undergraduate, exploring your early career options, a mentor can help you to navigate different work options and career pathways. They can help with the development of career skills and professional networks. If you're more mid-career, maybe even preparing for a career transition, you might be feeling the need to upskill. A mentor can support you to develop new skills, broaden your industry networks and refine your career direction. 

Am I eligible to apply?
The program is open to: 

  • Students studying internally, externally, part-time, full-time or living remotely (country SA, interstate or overseas) who are enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree with UniSA Business;
  • Graduates of UniSA Business who completed their studies in the the past three years.

I graduate mid year. Am I eligible to apply?
Yes you are eligible to apply.

I have already graduated. Am I eligible to apply?
Yes you are eligible to apply for up to three years after graduation. You will still have to complete the same requirements as an enrolled student.

What are the requirements of the program?
To successfully complete the program, applicants must commit to:

  • the Program for a twelve month period
  • respond to two online video questions
  • a mentee training session
  • submitting your career goals
  • completing a mentoring agreement
  • attending atleast one connect event or professional development workshop
  • a minimum of six one-hour meetings with your mentor over the course of the 12mth mentoring connection
  • a minimum of five reflections based on discussions with your mentor
  • providing feedback upon completion of the BCMP

Can I re-apply if I have participated before?
Yes, but priority will be given to new student applications.

When does the Business Career Mentor Program start?
Applications are open all year round, we provide a rolling intake for the program.

How long is the program?
The program is for 12 months from when you are matched with a mentor.


When can I submit my application?
Applications are always open and can be submitted online, Business Career Mentor Program applications

Online video questions

What is expected of me in the online video questions?
You will be required to complete two online video questions. This stage of your application is for us to gather additional information about yourself. While it is not an interview, you will need to treat it as a professional conversation with industry, be prepared and dressed in business attire. More information about the online video question process will be available to you upon submitting your intitial application.

Acceptance into the Business Career Mentor Program

What does the training involve?
Training is a compulsory session which focuses on managing your relationship with your mentor, establishing effective goals while in the program and professional networking skills. If you have any questions following the training session, please feel free to reach out to the Business Careers team

Can I choose my mentor?
No. We ask that you be as detailed as possible when completing your application in order to be matched to the most suitable mentor. The software then uses an algorithm which aligns you to the best match by analysing the data in each participant's profile. Specifically it will look at the career skills you wish to develop, industry exposure and areas of specialisation.

Can my mentor give me work experience?
The purpose of the mentor is to act as a source of information regarding industry experience, knowledge and advice. However, in some circumstances your mentor may be able to offer you a work experience opportunity. Please note this is is not a requirement of the program.

Will I go to my mentor's workplace?
You will most likely meet your mentor in an agreed location such as a cafe. You may be offered the opportunity to see your mentor's work place. However, this is not a guarantee or something to be expected.

How often will I meet with my mentor?
The requirements of the program are a minimum of six, one-hour meetings throughout your mentoring connection. If your mentor is unable to meet face-to-face one month, you can arrange online meetings or email communication instead. This may be more frequent if suitable for the mentor and the student.

My mentor is unable to meet with me one month. What should I do? 
Your mentor is very busy and is taking time out of their day to meet with you. They may have to postpone meetings or make alternative arrangements with you if they are busy. 

Do I need insurance?
You will need to complete a contract which shows you understand the requirements of the program and provides insurance for meetings. This will form part of the sign-up process for mentees. Please note if Students are undertaking a project or an internship will need to complete additional paperwork. please contact the business careers team if you have any additional questions.

Am I guaranteed a mentor?
Unfortunately we cannot guarantee you a mentor, even if you are successful in the interview stage. It will depend on the ratio of mentors to students and their specialisations.

Why do I need to submit goals?
You will need to set goals for your mentoring relationship. The goals will establish focus areas for your meetings with your mentor and help maximise the mentoring experience.

Why do I need to submit a reflection?
Your reflections allow the Business Careers team to keep track of your relationship with your mentor and to read about student success stories. It also ensures students facing difficulties with their mentor are able to be resolved and that no students are in breech of the Fair Work Act. The reflections are a way of keeping your own record of your learnings whilst meeting with your mentor. This is an opportunity for you to reflect back on your discussions you have had with your mentor.

Do you read all the reflections?
Yes. A member of the Business Careers team will read your reflection.

I was unable to meet my mentor the required six times and submit five reflections. Am I still eligible to successfully complete the program? 
You must submit a minimum of five reflections over the course of the program. As long as you submit a total of five reflections as well as the other program requirements, you will be eligible to successfully complete.

Why is it compulsory to attend atleast one connect event or professional development workshop?
These activities will expose you to the importance of engaging in a corporate culture. Networking and professional conversations are learned skills and by attending atleast one of our activities will allow you to practice building relationships and talking to people with a purpose, in a professional setting.

What if I am unable to meet all of the requirements of the program?
If you are ever unsure about being able to complete the requirements of the program, you should contact a member of the Business Careers Mentor Program team to negotiate possible alternative arrangements. You may be able to continue with the program, however you will not receive a certificate of successful completion.